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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free?

Music is a mode of escape from this chaotic world & we, this generation people are fortunate enough to enjoy world music whenever & wherever we want. Thanks to technology & smartphone and of-course music-directors. Fortunately, or unfortunately, everything is gradually monetizing now and music too got added in the list, however. If you want to listen to uninterrupted music, you have to pay money. I am, personally, not a person who pay money for music, instead download songs of my choice.

Recently when I was introduced to Spotify, found that the app has immense good features to feed you with all kind of songs, podcasts, stories and so on. However, as I said, I won’t pay money for hearing music and so, got this way of decoding Spotify Premium for free.

Here is how to do it.

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world, attributing to its large collection of songs, podcasts and playlists emerging from music instruments, from allover the world. The premium version of it renders you freedom to make your ideal playlist without a hassle, lets you share your song/playlist with your friends, family, no matter of the location.

More importantly, there won’t be any ads in-between the songs, irritating you and the songs are always of high-quality with 320kbps. And yes, you could download as many songs as you want, to listen them if you run out of network.

If you had been a Spotify user, you might have noted that all its songs are not accessible after uninstalling the app. Spotify songs are encoded in OGG Vorbis (audio coding format) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, and this reasons the inaccessibility of the songs. A modified version, having no DRM protection will have you access to the Premium feature as well as an assurance that you’ll use the songs forever.

Such modified version is available from few dedicated tech-websites & telegram channels.

Installing Free Spotify Premium

At first, uninstall any other Spotify App, in case if you have it in your android / iOS device. It’s not essential for PC users.

  • Look for downloading Spotify Premium APK mod file from reliable sources. One such trusted site, you could head for is here. Ensure of the storage & uninterrupted internet connection while downloading.
  • Open the downloaded Spotify Premium APK file and click ‘Install’.
  • Few devices might not allow installation of apps from third party, due to a restriction in the settings. If your device too popped up like this picture (below), click on the settings & enable ‘Allow from this source’.
  • Your Free Spotify Premium will be installed and login to your Spotify account, once you open it.

That’s it! You’ll now be able to prepare your playlist, enjoy all the benefits of premium users for free & vibe to the music!

(While this version will help you to access unique content that’s only meant for premium subscribers, you must note that this is a hacked version.) 

Here is another way to access Spotify Premium via telegram.
  • Open your telegram app and search for ‘OmegaofTS’. It’s not a page, but a bot that feeds you what you want, based on your input.
  • Tap ‘OmegaofTS’ & select ‘Modded APKs’. There you’ll see ‘Spotify’, tap it. You’ll receive the APK file of Spotify Premium. Download, install & vibe. However, this apk file is only for smartphone, not PCs/laptops.

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