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World’s Top-5 Countries in ‘Numbers’ – 2024

If you are looking to know about world’s top-5 countries, their population and its users in various domains, you are in the right place. This article shows you how much percentage of the top-5 country’s population are using various devices or services like smartphones, social media, stock market and more.

The top five countries in terms of economy – US, China, Germany, Japan and India accounts for 42% of world’s population and what their people do reflect much in the overview of current scenario of the world besides showcasing their country’s position.

In this article, various aspects are compared between these five countries, including internet users, people who have smartphones, investors, and more.

#1 United States

flag of america

GDP: $28.78 trillion

Population: 341,810,617

Number of smartphone users: 31 Cr

World’s richest country with $28.78 trillion economy is also world’s third-largest populous country. The country is a home for 32 crores internet users and 31 crore smartphone users. The outreach of social-media apps had gathered 23.9 crore users in United States, out of which 2.7 crore people are content-creators. Indeed, 46% of citizens in United States invest in stock-market, which is highest in the world. And, 47% of the people are tax-payers.

#2 China

flag of china

GDP: $18.5 trillion

Population: 1,425,671,352

Number of smartphone users: 104 Cr

World’s largest manufacturing-hub – China has an $18.5 trillion economy, and stands second in the world. China is also the second most populous country in the world, with a population of 142 crores. It leads in internet usage with 107.9 crore users. China has 104 crore smartphone users and 1.02 crore social media users. When it comes to stock market participation, China has 18.46 crore investors, representing 13% of its population. The country also has 18.7 crore tax-payers, which is 13% of its total population.

#3 Germany

germany flag in front of building

GDP: $4.59 trillion

Population: 83,294,633

Number of smartphone users: 7.5Crores

Here comes world’s automobile-country. Germany is a home to leading automobile brands of the world such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and more. And that majorly contributes to the country’s $4.59 trillion economy.

Germany, with a population of 8.3 crore, has 6.7 crore internet users and 6.1 crore enrolled voters. The number of smartphone users in the country stands at 7.5 crore, and social media users total 6.7 crore. Stock market investors in Germany amount to 1.2 crore, which is 14% of the population, while tax-payers number 41 lakh, making up 5% of the population.

#4 Japan

hand holding a white and red tiny flag

GDP: $4.1 trillion

Population: 123,294,513

Number of smartphone users: 8.6 Cr

Japan, the country with fourth-largest GDP in the world at $4.1 trillion, attributes most of its wealth to automobile, and electronic devices manufacturing industry. Home to world’s leading brands like Sony, Toyota, and SoftBank, Japan has a population of 12.3 Crores.

Japan shows high levels of internet and smartphone usage, with 10.11 crores and 8.6 crores of users respectively. The country also has a significant number of voters, totaling 10.6 crores, indicating strong democratic participation. Social media engagement stands at 10.2 crores, reflecting a digitally connected society. However, Japan has a relatively lower number of stock market investors at 1.45 crores, making up 12% of its population. The tax-paying population is 118,600, a mere 0.10% of the total populace, which may suggest different tax structures or reporting methodologies compared to other countries.

#5 India

the flag of india on a flagpole under a cloudy sky

GDP: $4.03trillion

Population: 144 Crores

Number of smartphone users: 65 Cr

The fastest growing country in the world as of now goes to India, as the country’s recent digitalization and aim of becoming manufacturing-hub of the world pushes the country forward. India with a $4.03 trillion economy (as of 2024), has the largest population in the world with a whopping 144 crores.

It has a rapidly growing digital user base with 120 crores of internet users and 65 crores of smartphone users. The country has a large number of enrolled voters, totaling 95 crores, showcasing its vibrant democracy. Social media users amount to 40 crores, indicating increasing digital engagement among its citizens. India has 11.5 crores of stock market investors, which is 8% of the population, reflecting growing financial participation. The tax base includes 9.37 crores of taxpayers, accounting for 7% of its population.

Here is the summary of all the details of respective countries.

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