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Get Paid: For Reading Books, Listening to Music & Proofreading

Making money is what many wishes for and struggles for, to meet their day-to-day life and desires. And wouldn’t be so cool, if you get paid for tasks you casually do the all day? More likely as tasks, it’s hobbies for you to get paid off, while you do so. There are sites & companies that pays you, if you do your hobbies in a more professional and required way. Here in this article, you’d find ways to get paid for reading books, proofreading & listening to music.

Reading Books

Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health, and those benefits can last a lifetime. Books are humans’ best companion to empathize, build vocabulary and reduce stress. For those book-readers, here are sites to turn your hobby, a money-making one too.

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media specializes in book reviews, by collaborating all the reviewers, to render a theoretical experience of what the book has, for the newbie readers. As meant to collaborate, Kirkus hires reviewers to read books and submit a 350-word review for the site.

Click on the site, submit your resume, writing samples, your reviewing talents and experience on the field (if any), to the email address available on the platform.

Online Book Club

Online book club is another platform for readers & reviewers, that is looking for honest book reviewers for books they send out to them for free of cost.
The club pays $5 – $60 for book reviews, based on the lengthy story of the book, though job-seekers have to do their first review for free.
You will get paid for subsequent reviews done for Online Book Club.

The U.S. Review of Books

Here is U.S Review of books looking again for reviewers, who could possibly head up amidst their reviewing team, by contacting the site’s editors through a mail with your resume, sample work and details.

U.S. Review of Books also hires freelance writers to give a chance to write for them. Take more details to apply for the job, here!

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Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is the final stage of checking texts, focussed to correct minor errors, inconsistencies like punctuation and capitalization and few grammatic mistakes. Proofreaders have to confirm on a passage, that no errors exist, and of-course correct those, if any present.


Clickworker is a platform for variety of tasks put up for completion. The type of jobs they have available range from writing, surveying, app testing, photo capturing to proofreading. Hence, a handful of simple tasks for you to work & pay off. You get to work as a freelancer and complete work in your own time. Payments are made to you weekly or monthly by PayPal. provide competitive pay ranging from USD 19 to 46 per hour depending on turnaround time, with the highest pay for the most urgent deadlines. Enjoy working on flexible hours with the platform (work when you want, right from your living room, in any time zone).
You will need to complete a 20-minute preliminary test to begin the application process. They have both full-time and part-time work opportunities.


Gramlee is one among the list offering proofreading jobs, with works done within 24 hours; henceforth, more opportunities in front of your laptop/PC. Gramlee requires the job seekers to submit an application, to continue working so. Correct the grammatical errors in your free time and get paid.Apply here!

Listen to Music & Get Paid

Music & songs have been a closest companion for many of us. Who hates music? And here is a great fortuity for music lovers to get cashed upto $12, listening to music & review them. A double-damakka offer!

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is one such website that is currently providing the opportunity to music lovers from all over the world. It actually allows users to monetize the playlists that they have on Apple Music or Spotify. This platform also connects music artists with playlist creators on different music platforms and apps. Music artists can also pitch for their songs directly to the playlist creators through this app.

Singers and music producers actually pay to playlist creators to listen to their tracks through this website. And if you like their songs, you can add that to your playlist. However, you need at least 400 followers of your Spotify or Apple Music playlist. This website pays around $1 per song review, although it can go as high as $12 per song if you have a good follower base.


How cool would it be if you could listen to songs and lyrics and get paid for converting them into text? With WeLocalize you can do just that. Once you join their platform, you will receive new songs from time to time. Your job will be to convert those lyrics into plain text. You obviously need to have sound listening and writing skills to work for this company. If you believe you’re up to it then make sure to apply on this amazing platform. They have a decent pay rate too. For each song you transcribe, you will be earning $4. So, if let’s say you work on 30 songs in a month, simply multiply it by four. WeLocalize pays its workers through Wire Transfer and ACH.

Hit Predictor

Hit Predictor, as the name entails, predicts chances of a song to virally hit in future. Your job is to listen to new songs, & review them, for artists to get your positive review as a feedback on their songs and finally you get paid.

This company is currently paying around $5 for every 30 minutes that you dedicate on this platform, listening and reviewing new music. However, you can only redeem your earnings through Amazon gift cards.


The first steps may be a troublesome, but consistency pays you off, while doing the job. Push yourself in committing in any one of these, & get cashed in.

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