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How to Download Instagram Reels and Videos with & without using a Third-party app?

You can easily download Instagram reels and videos in seconds with or without using a third-party app by following the steps, as mentioned below.

With 2 billion active users, Instagram becomes the fourth most popular social network after Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. Instagram’s wide variety of features to connect with people and grow into an influencer or meme-creator had opened opportunities for millions to develop themselves as brands and their brands via social media.

There are tons of interesting reels and pictures fed on the platform, which you may want to have in your smartphones. Downloading any content from Instagram is as easy as sharing the reels with friends.

One with help of a third-party app and another without any third-party apps by tweaking instagram’s features itself, you can download reels and images from Instagram in two ways.

With a Third-Party App

Dozens of third-party apps fetch you to download any content in your smartphone, but this app is simple and works good than others. It indeed lets you to avail the videos or pictures from private accounts too.

With an app called “Video Downloader for Instagram” available in Play Store, you can download any content from any Instagram account easily by just few screen-taps

Here is how you can do so:

1. Download the app from Play Store. You can click here to directly get into the page.

2. Go to Instagram and tap the three dots on top of the content you want to download (in the bottom in the reels page) & select ‘Copy the Link’.

3. Now go to the ‘Downloader for Instagram’ app & paste the link there in the box and tap ‘Download’. Your video is downloaded.

As long as you leave the app running in the background, you may just have to copy the link from Instagram & you’ll be directly headed to the Instagram downloader app and your download will start automatically. This app works good and I personally use this for downloading reels and videos from Instagram.

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Without a Third-Party App

This way of downloading the content is much easier than the previous.

1. Click the Share button of a reel or photo and tap ‘Add the reel (photo) to your story’.

2. After that you’ll see three dots on the top-right of the story, where you can edit the story, adding texts or draw.

3. Select the “Save” option & the reel or photo is saved to your phone. You could also zoom the reel to the preferred size before tapping the “Save”.

How to Download Reels without a Third-party app?

However, there’s a catch here. You can’t download reels or photos of private accounts in Instagram, as you can’t share them to your story. For having the content of private accounts, you need to download a third-party app. Also as instagram stories only allow up to 60 seconds of reels or videos, you could only have the first 60 seconds of a reel if you save it by this method.

Hope you find it useful! Share with your friends too..

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