The Inner Detail

The Inner Detail

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Tech Reads

Scientists made an E-Tattoo that monitors your heart & detects heart diseases in advance

Researchers recently pioneered a E-tattoo that’s worn on the chest of a..

How to use ChatGPT to crack Job interviews? Woman shares tips that works Good

A US woman who is a Marketing manager and TikToker shared tips to use ChatGPT to..

Google with AI & without AI: What Google’s Search Generative Experience is like exactly?

Google has started rolling out its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to people..

Microsoft unveils “Jugalbandi”, GPT-powered AI Chatbot for Indian Villagers

A new AI Chatbot “Jugalbandi” unveiled by Microsoft, helps Indian Villagers to..

Does GPT4 have Common-sense and reasoning skills like Humans? – Microsoft Claims

Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s latest advanced AI model “GPT4” shows common sense in..

This new AI Editing tool “DragGAN” makes Photoshop so easy with simple Drag controls

A recently published research paper introduces new and easy way to edit..

Should Middle-class Indians need to buy an Apple iPhone?

Few months ahead of the launch of Apple iPhone 15 series, or few days after..

This new AI Wearable by Apple’s Ex employees can kill Smartphones

An AI wearable developed by former Apple employees aims to supersede..

This is how Generative-AI will enhance Google Search Experience

Google is letting AI to dominate its Search’s front page, adding generative-AI..

How to Block or Track a Stolen / Lost Mobile Phone in India?

Indian Government launched a portal that allows people to block a stolen / lost..

You can now get an AI Girlfriend for $1/minute like in “Her” movie – Meet CarynAI

A 23-year-old Snapchat influencer Woman uses GPT-4 technology to create an AI..

What is PaLM 2 – the backbone of Google AI, powering 25+ Products & Services?

We are in an era of biggest breakthroughs of Artificial Intelligence technology..

Google I/O 2023: Pixel devices to new AI search & AI Features – Everything you need to know

Google I/O event held at California, US on May 10 was flooded with new products..


This ‘Metaverse’ School in England teaches Students using VR tech

A school in England’s Wokingham is teaching students in Metaverse using the VR headsets, making...

Meta will soon let you to make photo-realistic Codec Avatars using your Smartphone

Meta is rebranding the avatars with Codec Avatars to let users create life-like face models with...

Audi’s Holoride brings Virtual Reality in Cars for an entertaining travel

Holoride and Audi enhances traveling by bringing Virtual Reality-blended games in cars, that’s...

This ChatGPT-powered AR Glass will help users to clear Interviews easily

A new AR-Glass tool RizzGPT created by Stanford Students merges ChatGPT and augmented reality to...

This Artist gives you Death Experience in real through Virtual Reality

An Australian artist brings the death experience to reality with virtual reality headsets, allowing...

This app lets you Capture and Revisit Memories in Virtual Reality allowing you to Relive the Past Moments

A company is working on an app that allows users to capture the memories, and revisit and interact...

First Court Hearing in Metaverse with Avatars, Colombia holds

A Colombian court held its first legal trial in the Metaverse and it further hopes to experiment...

Google makes Maps, Search & Translate more interesting by equipping AI

Google equips AI in Maps, Search and Google Translate, enhancing them to be more immersive and...

These Open-space Virtual-Reality(VR) Gaming provides Immersive Gaming Experience

An eminent feat of technology that bloomed to provide an inexpressible experience and advantages...

Cars & Tech

Audi’s Holoride brings Virtual Reality in Cars for an entertaining travel

Holoride and Audi enhances traveling by bringing Virtual...

Sweden builds World’s first Permanent Electric Roads that charge EVs even while moving

A 3,000 km long fully electric road is coming in Sweden that charges...

10 Tech-Features of Rolls Royce Cars that You didn’t Know

One of the World’s most luxurious brand vehicle “Rolls...

World’s first Fully Solar Powered Vehicle that looks like Batman’s Car

Aptera Motors, a startup in California is about to bring world’s first...

Mercedes-Benz unveils ‘Brain-controlled’ Luxury car, inspired by Avatar

Starting from power-steering, automatic transmission to Sleeping in...

How Augmented Reality Glasses makes Driving to the Next Level?

The advent of AR Glasses and its technology in the traveling and...
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