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Mictic – A Wristband that lets you play any Musical Instrument in Air

Music🎶 is the best friend ever for humans. Music possesses that much power, sometimes it would be arduous to remove a song, that keeps humming in your mind; especially in an exam hall. Often, our mouth too joins with the mind and start singing/humming. We would even make sounds out of our body, tapping hands & legs. But, whatever! Music heals a person.

AI can now identify what song you are hearing to, analyzing your brainwaves!

And now you need not tap to make a sound/music, just move your hands in air. Yeah, this wristband named “Mictic” lets you play a handful musical instruments just in air, if you swing your hands or dance your fingers. Thank god, you can impress anyone (who loves music), by just acting like you’re actually playing the original instrument😂.

Wearable Wristband that lets you play Music in Air

Mictic, a Swiss-based XR wearable company expressed a wearable wristband that turns your movements and that of your hand into sound, the first augmented reality wearable that immerses you in music. The band demands to be connected with its mobile app ‘Mictic’ via Bluetooth, before incorporating music into you. Started out as a Kickstarter project, the wearable tech is now capturing more artists and dancers in every genre.

Mictic converts your hand movements into digital signals, which spreads out as music through the app’s connect via Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Assume you are sitting in front of a drum-set and play your hands as if you’re really playing it. The band would do justice to your imagination. Not just drums, but violin, guitar (electric & acoustic), cello and genre-based soundscapes like EDM, HipHop, Trap and Rock.

You’ll be composing music in no time – Mashable on Mictic.

Not stopping with this, you can play games like Kung Fu, Tennis, lightsaber and safari/zoo. Standing on the instrument / game you choose from the app, band expresses yourself.

Actual way of making the band work:

  • Strap Mictic to your wrists (No, first one should buy the band)
  • Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Pair with the Mictic App
  • Pick your Instrument or sound experience
  • Music vibrates out of your body

More than texts, this video enchants the purpose of this band!

The app makes sure there’s little to no lag or latency between your movements and the sound produced. It’s a perfect experimental music device and toy for people who are amateurs, seldom workers and even dancers and musicians. But before stretching out your hands to merge with music, make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings, giving no thoughts of ‘what a weirdo’ to others.

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The team presently has a working demo, not the final product but you can reserve the band for $99, here! Before that, watch its CEO, Mershad Javan explaining on the product.


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