The Inner Detail

The Inner Detail

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Tech Reads

How to generate AI images directly from Instagram or WhatsApp?

Meta now allows you to generate AI images directly from the app – Instagram or..

Sony unveils Wearable Air-Conditioner “Reon Pocket 5” for ₹14,000

Sony introduces an innovative device that’s most needed for today’s hot world –a..

Apple has teased a new on-device AI ReaLM and it outperforms GPT-4

The new AI model which Apple has been working on is dubbed as “ReaLM”, and will..

21-yr-old Indian created India’s first AI Software Engineer – “Devika AI”

Days after world’s first AI software engineer Devin AI was unveiled, a young man..

How much do Social-media Influencers Earn in India?

Increased usage of social-media led to birth of thousands of influencers who..

Indian Startup ‘Nimo Planet’ makes AR Spatial Computer with AI touch

A Kerala based startup ‘Nimo Planet’ introduces world’s first..

This ‘3D Map View’ by Samsung lets you control SmartThings easily

Samsung has launched 3D Map view feature for SmartThings, which provides..

What is Devin AI, World’s First AI Software Engineer?

Cognition, an AI research lab had released a new AI tool named “Devin AI”, which..

Nvidia unveils World’s No.1 Powerful AI Chip “Blackwell B200 GPU”: All to know

U.S based AI chip-making firm Nvidia unveils next-gen AI chips – Blackwell B200..

Google launches an app “Photomath” to solve math problems with AI

Google unveils an app called “Photomath” which it acquired in 2022, for solving..

Microsoft unveils CoPilot AI for Finance Workers & here is how it will help

Microsoft launches Copilot AI specially designed for Finance executives, for..

How OpenAI’s Sora works? & 7 Things that make Sora unique

OpenAI has announced its new text-to-video generative AI model “Sora” which can..

Why Data Privacy is a big concern now?

In an era where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, the..


Indian Startup ‘Nimo Planet’ makes AR Spatial Computer with AI touch

A Kerala based startup ‘Nimo Planet’ introduces world’s first spatial computer...

AR Display in Vehicle’s Windows will show details on what you’re looking at

Researchers from Taiwan has built an augmented-reality (AR) display tech for vehicles, that will...

5 Reasons why Virtual Influencers make more Money than Human influencers

Virtual influencers, who don’t even exist, are gradually dominating their presence in social media...

Reliance’s JioGlass with AR & VR technology is coming two months – All you need to know

Reliance showcases its new augmented-reality glasses “JioGlass” at Indian Mobile Congress 2023 Tech...

Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro may also treat your Mental Health: Report

Apple considers using its upcoming $3,500 mixed-reality headset “Vision Pro” for treating mental...

Modified Meta’s Virtual Reality (VR) headset can now measure Brain Activity

Researchers at University of Texas modified Meta’s VR headset to measure brain activity of wearers...

Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia & Pixar joins for developing OpenUSD 3D standards

Firms such as Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia & Pixar collaboratively launches Alliance for...

Meta is integrating WhatsApp with VR Quest Headset – So You can chat, video call in VR

Meta is bringing virtual-reality technology to WhatsApp app that will let users to chat, call with...

Apple’s $3,499 Mixed-Reality headset “Vision Pro” is a costly Tech Marvel

Apple unveiled its major breakthrough product since 2014 – the long-rumoured mixed reality headset...

Cars & Tech

Audi’s Holoride brings Virtual Reality in Cars for an entertaining travel

Holoride and Audi enhances traveling by bringing Virtual...

Sweden builds World’s first Permanent Electric Roads that charge EVs even while moving

A 3,000 km long fully electric road is coming in Sweden that charges...

10 Tech-Features of Rolls Royce Cars that You didn’t Know

One of the World’s most luxurious brand vehicle “Rolls...

World’s First Flying Car “Alef Model A” gets US Govt Approval to Fly

Alef Aeronautics has revealed that its “Model A” electric-flying car...

World’s first Fully Solar Powered Vehicle that looks like Batman’s Car

Aptera Motors, a startup in California is about to bring world’s first...

Can Autonomous Cars Drift like Human ‘Pro’ Drivers? – Watch

With advancements in AI and tech, researchers at University of Texas...
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