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5 Tech Tricks helpful for your day-to-day life

We all are opportune folks being in the informative and technological era of the world. Unfortunately, most of us fall flat to handle the best of it. In fact, our PC/Desktop or laptops and smartphones proffer more than handy needs, that we are unaware of. The article finds you some tricks that would be surely helpful in your days.

1. Hiding Important / Private files in PC & Mobile

It’s normal, we seek for ways to hide or keep private the files in our PC or mobile to secure the same. Give up the apps you installed for doing so; here, your smartphone or desktop basically provides the hidden option in its elemental. Find out how!

In PC (Windows):

  • Right click the file/folder you wanted to hide & go to properties
  • Check in “Hidden” & click “Apply”. Now the file/folder will be in the hidden state.
  • In that location where your hidden files were resting, tap “View” on the top left side.
  • There shows “Show Hidden Files”; Click on it. Your Hidden file/folder reappears.
  • Once you are done with rechecking your hidden file, don’t forget to uncheck “Show Hidden Files” in the ‘View’ section.

In Mobile (Android):

  • Long Press the File/folder you wish to hide in ‘My Files’ app & tap the three dots icon & ‘Rename’ the file with a ‘dot’ at the beginning of the file/folder.
  • Your file/folder is now hidden and you can access it by checking in “Show Hidden files” option in the settings of My files app.
  • You can remove the dot in front of the hidden file to make it visible.

2. Get Unlimited Storage for Free

Does your google drive hit the limit of 15GB of storage? Not to worry. Google lets you to store unlimited storage of videos in its cloud, consciously or unconsciously.

Unlimited Storage for videos:

  • Sign in into your account & go to YouTube Studio in YouTube.
  • Upload your videos & Make your videos “Private”, so that only you can view it.
  • YouTube Studio provides unlimited storage for your videos.

Well, you can store only videos on it & for other files, continue reading.

1TB Storage for Files:

Websites like provide you 1TB of free storage for your files. You can just sign in with your Gmail account and advantage the 1TB storage for free.

(Hint for safety: As you are storing your files in the cloud, make sure you don’t upload your private files on it.)

3. Download Movies / Series for free without Torrent

Tired of installing utorrent & other softwares for downloading movies/series? Here is a simple way for you to download any movie / series without any torrent, absolutely cost free.

  • Go to Google & Search “Index of XXX (Any Movie/Series name)”.
  • You will get various sites in the search. Click on the site which shows as pictured in the 2nd image.
  • Just tap any of the episodes (in case of series) / format (in case of movies), you wish to download.
  • Your downloading begins.


4. Converting Word Documents & Images to PDF without any software

Occasions occur wherein your application in any educational courses, exams recommend uploading documents in PDFs. Your inbuilt system has a feature to convert the documents & images to PDFs. Thanks to it.
Right Click the file you wanted to modify into PDF & tap “Print”.

  • As soon as Print option is tapped, a box appears exacting the location to save your document as PDF. Give a name to it, along with the location & “Save” it. Your document gets PDF mode.
  • For pictures, clicking the “Print” happens a window, rendering you the ways to print a picture in different paper formats (A4, Letter, A3 & so on).
  • Adjust your formats & Click “Print”. “Save” window appears, fill out the needs & save.

5. Privacy – Make files inaccessible by others

It’s a simple way of manipulating your private files as corrupted ones than by hiding it. Chill out, the files can only be handled by the manipulator or in precise, only if the file’s format or extension is known. Confusing? Take a few seconds to find out the way.

  • First of all, for files to not be at hand, one must disable the “Hide Extension for known files” in the Files explorer.
  • Search for “Folder explorer options”. Head on to “View” toolbar and uncheck the “Hide extension for known files”.
  • Now, move to your location of the file that you wanted to influence.
  • Rename the file with the suffix “.tt”. The file gets inaccessible.
  • The file is again handy only when its original extension is known and is replaced with that suffix.


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Days are gone, where a pay is expected for learning or acknowledging. Now, you can learn, watch movies, take technology to your hand and benefit the best out of it. Anything can be done here in the internet for free, unless you pay for a stable network connection. For instance, you can find all not just movies, series, but medical notes, engineering e-books, guidance for government exams, stock market guidance and a lot in Telegram. The thing to exercise the best out of it is by exploring. Explore the things you are eager of, be thirsty for information. Allocate & foster your thoughts to find the best means.

Start Exploring !

Feel free to comment if any of other tricks you had known!

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