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How Instagram Algorithm works for Feed, Reels, Explore & Stories? – Explained

Instagram's Algorithm Working

If you want to know how does Instagram algorithm work for its feed, reels, explore page and stories, you’re in the right place. Here, we had elaborated in detail about Instagram’s algorithm and how you can leverage it to get a million views, and thousands of followers for your account.

Instagram being the fourth largest social-media, after Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, with 2.35 billion monthly active users, serves as a great platform for connecting with people for both your business, or personal reasons. Instagram fostered thousands of influencers, which is becoming a new marketing for popular brands and companies, as it drives a better percent of views to sales. 56% of consumers say they have purchased a product after seeing an influencer use it.

But, why should you care to know about how Instagram works? – With such a potential ground to lay your business or side-hustle on, it might be beneficial to understand how Instagram’s algorithm actually works for its feed, reels, explore and stories, to ace in it by increasing your business reach.

If you are just a user in the app, you can align your feed by yourself based on your interests, so you could get what you wanted to see first, right when you open the app.

Instagram’s Algorithm

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, released a video and a blog recently, elaborating how Instagram’s algorithm works for its stories, feed, explore and reels.

Understanding the Instagram algorithm could help people maximize their experience and guide creators and influencers for a better reach of their content.

Instagram doesn’t have a single algorithm for the whole app, but use a variety of algorithms, each dedicated to a unique purpose. Say, an algorithm for feed, another for story, another for explore and so on.

Instagram thus, feeds differently for different categories and also, for different users. As each individual is unique, Instagram is not going to be the same for all, but will be aligning the content that matches with one’s interests.

And this is how the app has over 2 billion users, by providing personalized content on one’s interests to engage users, without making them aware that they are engaged. Simultaneously, the ranking of content varies across its categories – feed, stories, reels and explore.

How it works?

Everything you see in Instagram’s feed, stories, reels and explore are put into place by the app’s algorithm, based on your previous interactions with it. They call it ‘signals’. The content you like, reels you share, stories you immediately tap into and watch fully, the captions of posts you read, and people you interact with, everything is noted. Surprisingly, Instagram even knows how much time you spend with a post or reel.

To understand deeper, about how every element of Instagram works, let’s dig into it separately.

How Instagram’s Stories Algorithm works?

Instagram Story Algorithm

The first thing appearing on top of Instagram, when you open it is ‘Stories’ of accounts you follow.

Instagram analyzes all the stories of accounts you follow, and predicts which stories are more likeable to you based on your previous interactions with stories – signals. The app then sorts out the stories with these signals:

Viewing history: How often you view Stories from an account.

Engagement history: How frequently you interact with stories from an account.

Messaging history: It feeds first the stories of accounts who are close to you, by analyzing how many times you’ve messaged them.

Have you noticed that your friends’ stories appear first, pushing the stories from news/business accounts behind, though they seldom post photos in the feed? That’s because, you might have messaged couple of times more to your friends than any news/business account.

How Instagram’s Algorithm for Feed works?

Instagram Feed Algorithm

Your Instagram feed is the main area, where a mixture of content from accounts you follow, appears for you to see, interact and share.

Instagram Feed will show contents not only from the accounts you follow, but also suggests you posts that you might like, that comes under “Suggested Posts”.

The social-media app also considers format of a content that you probably like, say if you like more photos, your feed will have more photo contents.

Instagram makes up your feed by assembling many factors, while these signals are foremost for them:

Your activity: Posts you’ve liked, shared, saved or commented helps the app to understand more on your interests.

Information about the post: Popularity of a post, based on the posts’ likes, shares, saves and comments are considered. And how quickly people are liking, commenting, sharing and saving a post are also mundane information for ranking the content.

Information about the Admin / account: Your interaction with account holder, also scores for an account to be ranked higher on your feed.

Your history of interacting: How interested you are generally in seeing posts from a particular account will make the account’s posts more reachable in your feed. And commenting on posts play a vital role for Instagram to know your interests.

How Instagram’s Reels Algorithm works?

Instagram Reels Algorithm

Instagram Reels is the app’s vital ingredient to keep you engaged in it, and the videos in the reels are from accounts you do not follow. This is where, creators get an opportunity for a wide reach for their videos, ultimately to earn more likes and followers.

First, Instagram analyzes the reels you have interacted with in the past, reels you watch fully till the end and share it with your friends and also reels liked by other users similar to you.

Then, it guesses by colliding the above information with signals like information about the reel, information about the author of the reel and how often you’ve interacted with the author.

Visiting a reels’ audio page if you are looking to create content of your own, also goes to the list of signals.

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How Instagram’s Algorithm for Explore works?

Instagram Explore Algorithm

Explore is a grid full of recommendations for you, fed by predictions relying on your signals – previous interactions you had with posts, videos and accounts.

Here, Instagram knows how interested you are in something, by seeing which posts you choose to view among grid of photos. And over time, your explore page gets aligned based on your interests. Your likes, saves, and shares play a key role in feeding your explore.

Instagram also considers signals like information about the post, your activity in explore-page previously, information about the author and your interaction with the author and the account’s posts for the explore page.

Key values for a Content-Creator – How to get more reach in Instagram?

If you’re a content creator in Instagram, wishing to earn more reach and followers for your account, take a keen look at this.

Follower interaction: How often followers interact with your content is the foremost thing to consider. Focus on driving more shares and saves for your posts. The priority goes like this: Likes < Shares < Saves < Comments. If you could get more saves, comments for your posts, chances are high for your posts to reach more accounts.

Follower engagement: Post content, stories that will make your followers to engage with you. This could be messaging, replying or reacting to stories, taking part in polls, questionnaires and more.

Reels: Instagram Reels is a great opportunity for your account to be widely reaching to users. Make reels that could be valuable to viewers and post in a time where most of your followers are active (you can see this in Professional dashboard in your creator / business account). Posting 3-5 reels a week at regular intervals is good and use trending-audios in your reels.

Quality Content: Creating quality content both visually and valuably is what defines your account’s worth. Attractive content that makes viewers to spend a little extra time will preferably get more reach. If you fall out of this category, others might not help.

Other Add-ons: You could also use relevant hashtags and location features for your posts to reach to wider audiences. Remember, don’t flood your post with hashtags, but a minimal and relevant hashtag might help your post to reach better.

Pick your time and post regularly: Instagram also watches on what time you post your content in a day and how it correlates with your followers’ usage of Instagram. Pick a time when most of your followers are active and post regularly. You may not have to post frequently, but valuable posts at regular intervals is important. You could also schedule your Instagram posts / reels for this, within the app.

Collaborate with fellow creators: Support each other by reaching out to them and sharing posts collaboratively. This will get you audiences from your collaborative account and it works mutually.

Instagram could be regarded as a resource as ‘content-creation’ is emerging as a big platform in digital marketing. Creation of innovative short-form videos could actually get you thousands of followers, which might actively drive sales or the purpose of your account.

Hope you find the page useful!

Comment below if you have any doubts or queries related to Instagram..

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