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How to Read Deleted Messages in WhatsApp in Android?

WhatsApp chatting with loved ones is quite comforting unless the person deletes his/her messages, making the receiver to go crazy of what the message could be, especially at the mid of arguments. Bit annoying. Chill, why should have to worry, if there’s a way to sneak the messages that gone deleted.

Here let’s get introduced to two ways of doing so (in android), reading the deleted WhatsApp messages – one in an organic way by tweaking up the android’s feature and another by using a third-party app.

Reading the Deleted WhatsApp messages in Android

Android Notification History

Android 11 operating system or above makes it easy to view not just the WhatsApp messages that popped in the notifications, but also all the notifications that had. This method leverages the in-built notification system of android, that keeps a log of every notification message.

If you had enabled WhatsApp notifications, the messages would have gone registered in the notifications history when you were away from the app, though the other person had deleted the messages later. However, this has to be done priorly, not after the messages had been deleted.

To access those ‘deleted’ messages via ‘notifications’, follow these steps.

○ Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Notifications.

○ Locate and choose the “Notification History” option. Tap the button next to “Use Notification History”.

○ Once the previous sages have been completed, this page will display all upcoming notifications.

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Now, you should be able to view all original messages received on your WhatsApp after taking the steps above, even if the sender of those messages deleted them. You can find the deleted messages there in that section. As this works for android 11 or above, the handsets running on older versions have no option but going for a third-party app.

Via Third-Party App

Third-party apps fetch the other way to reach the deleted messages of WhatsApp in ease, by downloading them. An app called ‘WAMR’, that’s available in Google PlayStore, allows you to recover the deleted messages and indeed download statuses too, as a ‘two mangoes at one-shot’. WAMR besides helping you in retrieving deleted messages, it also brings you the deleted attachments like images, videos, voice notes, audio files, stickers or anything that’s send via whatsapp. Well, this isn’t possible in the ‘notifications history’ method, that we’ve seen above.

Once you downloaded the app, you may have to select the app from which you want to capture the notifications in WAMR, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, etc. WAMR app asks for several permissions for capturing notifications from other apps and notifying you whenever a deleted message gets detected. The app also needs permission to auto-download the content to store the deleted files in your device.

The app is indeed dependent on notifications, that restricts you to download files or retrieve deleted messages from muted individual or group convos. Also ensure that WAMR can’t retrieve messages deleted before installing the app.

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