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How to download YouTube Videos? – 3 Ways Explained

YouTube, having 2+ billion active monthly users and 122 million active daily users estimated to feature 26.1 billion videos as of 2020. Owned by Google, YouTube earned $19.7 billion in 2020 alone and is worth $500 billion, nearly one-third of Google’s total revenue.

Apart from entertainment, crafts, fun, fiction, series and movies, YouTube is also an encyclopedia for educational videos like AsapScience, Ted-Ed, science videos like seeker, national geographic, and coaching videos, and is thus absolutely a treasure for this generation. Whatever you search, YouTube renders you the result.

YouTube though providing everything you want, doesn’t offer you to download its videos directly through your phone. Inspite of having ‘download’ option beneath its video itself, it ceases to let you have the videos in your WhatsApp status or Instagram story.

But, as there is always a way, here are few ways to download YouTube videos with ease. Thank us later.

1. Yout – Remove ‘ube’ in ‘Youtube’

While watching any youtube video, just remove ‘ube’ in ‘Youtube’ in the video’s URL & click enter. You’ll be headed to a site, where you can choose the format (mp4, mp3 audio, WAV audio) and quality of the format.

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However, the site doesn’t allow you to download videos over 480p quality, for which you’ll have to join its Pro membership by paying $12 monthly. Just wait, there’re better options below. Think twice before you pay.

2. Y2Mate Downloader

Y2Mate proffers you another easy way to download youtube videos even in 1080p HD.

  • Copy the youtube URL that you want to download.
  • Go to google and search ‘Y2mate’ or just click this link
  • Paste the YouTube video URL into the keyword box & click ‘Start’.
  • You’ll be asked to choose the quality of the video. Tap ‘Convert’ near to that quality you needed & now it shows ‘download’, clicking on which, your video will be downloaded.
  • You could download the audio of the video alone by just heading on to the ‘Audio’ in that page.

3. Downloading ‘Videoder’ application

Videoder puts you really comfortable way of downloading the YouTube videos both in systems and in smartphones. All you have to do is download ‘Videoder’ in your system or in your smartphone. Then by the same way as the previous, copy the video URL & go to the app, paste the URL & download the video of your required quality.

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In case of a smartphone, as soon as you copy the URL of a video, Videoder features you a ‘pop-up’ to download more easily instead of heading onto the app. 

Here’s the link to download Videoder in PC/Laptop or in android smartphone.

Videoder also lets you download Instagram videos or twitter videos as well.

Comment if you need any tech-hacks / tech-tips!

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