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How to Get a Job in Google? – Explained

Google – the Tech Giant born in 1998, is one such firm in the world that have no boundaries other than sky, probably accomplishing every domain it leaps into. Whether it be video-hub like YouTube or smartphone tech or research lab (Google X) or self-driving automotive business, Google is irreplaceable.

Working in that kinda firm is being thin on the ground, but doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are the ways to get yourself into Google, and be a Googler!

Let’s not waste time here…

Types of Jobs at Google

Google offers a handful of positions for the incomers, which could be broadly put up into three realm– engineering, business / management and design.

Engineering roles comprises all of technology & software related openings in the firm like software engineer, analysts, application development, product management, etc.

Jobs attributing to management like manager, project lead, director and so on, are also in the list of Google’s Job Hirings, but puts minimum 5-years of experience as a requisite.

The next comes the design-related, probably UI/UX designer, UX researcher, UX writer, visual designer, product-design engineer etc. Though design-related jobs in google too calls for some experience, there are intern-related design jobs, available in the company.

What Google expects from us?

Google, one of the top-most Fortune 500 in the world, masters all the existing and upcoming technologies of this era and no wonders, its engineers are the backbone behind the feat of Google and its parent Alphabet. Such a case, Google would be expecting hirelings who could cope-up or exceed the tech-mind of its already existing engineers.

It’s easy to simply describe the latest technologies here – artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, data science and so on, which of-course Google contemplates in you, but having a specific approach is far ahead of briefly understanding the broadly divided techs.

As Google offers couple of jobs, one needs to fit their areas of interest into the offerings and pick out the closely matching job-offer. From that, we would suggest you personally, to look for Google’s current & alumni employees’ qualifications who is residing or had resided in the domain of your interest, in the company. Hope, I am clear. If not, here is an example.

For instance, if ‘design’ is your areas of interest, probe for Google employees in that ‘design’ domain & heed what’s their qualification for being a Googler. One such way to probe is via LinkedIn.

Eligibility for applying a Job in Google

For all the roles, there is a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in the particular field or equivalent practical experience. If you have the right professional experience, it might not even matter if you don’t have a college degree. If you have a broad range of basic knowledge and skills in many areas rather than rooted expertise in only one specific field, then you are what Google calls a ‘T-shaped person’. Hiring managers at Google are pretty interested in such candidates who are skilled in their field but are also flexible enough to stretch their experience and learning across other fields. What matters more to Google is if you’re curious and willing to learn and not whether you have a Harvard degree!

Applying a Job in Google

There isn’t lot works involved in applying a job in Google, but a cracking the job does. Google proffers many ways to recruit engineers into its family, but few are the best to head for. Let’s see one by one.

Employee Referrals

Not just with Google, but any other companies to probe for, employee referrals could really be a short-cut way to smoothly place your resume on the recruiters’ table. If you are lucky enough to know someone who works at Google, grab that to cut-short your journey into Google.

Socially connecting with Google employees via LinkedIn and requesting them to refer you a job in the firm could be really deserving. Google recruiters being active on LinkedIn is such an advantage. First of all, ensure your resume allures the person, good enough to get you into the interviewing room.

Campus Placements

Google visits select few colleges/universities like IIT, NIT, DTU, etc. for college placement programs. Makeup a team within your college with the support of the management to put a red-carpet for Google to your college. Though you fail, you would learn a lot in the process, as I had too.


Did you know? Likely as TCS and few more IT firms of India, conducting periodic coding tests to hire software engineers, Google organizes Kickstart, a coding contest open for programmers of Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, wherein one can register and exhibit their talent in coding in any three-hour round, the contest provides. Top performers are at high probability to be called by Google for the interview process.

Google Careers

The foremost thing, if you search for ‘Jobs in Google’, Google will feed you its site wholly dedicated for applying jobs, ‘Google Careers’. The site has tens of jobs dedicated to every domain, at the same time, receives thousands of resumes each hour. As you been born in this world is a probability of one in 400 quadrillion, your resume heading to the interview table also could be possible. 

So, why not to give a try? Head onto the site & search for your interested career & apply for that!

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Other ways

Have you come across the incident wherein a 3D graphic / motion designer got his internship in CRED just with a video designed by him? Yes. Avkash Shah from Mumbai got referred for intern at CRED, after his application via video went viral in social media, that somehow popped up in the firm’s CEO Kunal Shah. Following which, Kunal got him an internship in his company. Cool & easy to hear, isn’t it?

In a similar way, just give a try on what you are strong of, and reveal it to the social media (twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook / Instagram). Who knows, as it happened to Avkash Shah, it might happen to you too!

What’s Next?

After a CV gets noticed, the person would have two online rounds (either as phone calls or online meeting) followed by five offline rounds, each demanding a different skill from you, starting from coding to behavior to data structuring to deriving algorithms. (Though this is based on Google Warsaw SWE recruiting method, the stages remain almost the same).

Clearing all that will head you to the doors of Google. Normally, it takes time to get into the firm. According to a Googler, his first online round started on October, while he finally got the job in April of the next year – which takes nearly 7 months. However, its Google!

What’s most important to get a Job in Google?

I will put this straight forward; Google demands these two skills to the most in over 95% of employees, when it comes to technical roles – data structures and algorithms.

Being well-versed in algorithms and data structures could actually kickstart your way into Google, efficiently.

Stick to one programming language, ensuring coding comes handy for you in that language.

Sharpen your coding and algorithm skills, practice with pen & paper, just deriving out the tree diagram of a problem.

Get yourself comfortable with interview (programming interviews & basic HR interviews), able to speak up bold and confident and contently.

What’s last?

Winners won’t quit. Being hired in one of the top most companies in the world is not an easy task or to say one-attempt task. A google employee took Quora to share that only because of being unwavering on his dream of becoming a Googler, he had overcome 4-attempts to finally become so. Hence, the bottom-line is – forget of quitting, if you really need to be a Googler. Lay a strong foundation in data structures & algorithms.

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