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10 Things You Should Know while Shopping on Amazon

For impulsive online shoppers, the page details you the 10 cool things to know that would enrich your online shopping experience on Amazon.

Amazon, the renowned e-commerce store in the world founded by Jeff Bezos, is the most valuable company in the world currently, surpassing Apple. Pioneering in the online shopping for nearly 30 years, Amazon is widely appreciated for being authentic to the purpose and listening to its customer feedbacks.

Amazon meets 1.6 million packages a day in 2022, that is delivering 18.5 orders for every second, selling over 12 million products from its online site. While shopping for a product in such a sea-of-items, it would be better if one comes to know these tricks or hacks while shopping online on Amazon. Here are the tricks to know.

Things to Know while Shopping on Amazon

Prefer Amazon Fulfilled Products

Before starting on tips or hacks of buying on amazon, here is one thing everyone needs to know – Prefer buying products that comes directly from Amazon or Amazon fulfilled.

Products meet customers via amazon in three ways. First are products that are sold by Amazon itself – amazon buys products from X, Y & Z and sells by itself. Second, business companies sell their products via amazon, after getting fulfilled by Amazon’s prescription and Amazon ships, stores and delivers the products for those businesses. Third is, retailers using Amazon site for reaching customers. The third are products wherein the third-party retailers are solely undertaking the products.

So, why to know this?

Because, Amazon takes an extra-care on products that are sold by itself or fulfilled by itself. Preferable to chose amazon & its fulfilled products. Such products are displayed under every product’s description as “Fulfilled by Amazon”.

Eye on Price-falls

Amazon allures millions of customers on big festival sales which stands in front of great offers on the site. Amazon in fact works on seasonal basis in aspects of providing discounts to its products ultimately to attract customers of a particular niche. The point is, rates of products aren’t fixed on amazon and ranges to discounts to even 70% to 80%.

But it’s not quite possible to constantly check on those prices normally. Luckily, there are plenty of third-party options to track prices, usually via a browser extension. For example, CamelCamelCamel tracks tons of products and provides info via email and Twitter. Set it up in your browser with the Camelizer add-on tool for Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. HoneyCapitalOne Shopping, and RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder, all offer browser add-ons that display deals on Amazon before you buy—right in the Amazon window. They also surface deals on most other online stores.

In case if you are looking for a product for a long time, you can constantly check the price levels on any of these browser-extensions to grab at the most reasonable or lowest price.

Amazon Outlet

Amazon has an outlet store and shopping on it, retains a lot of money in your pocket. When you shop through Amazon Outlet, you can browse overstocked and clearance items in a variety of different categories.

Browse electronics, art supplies, toys, and even baby and beauty products. These deals will save you anywhere from 30% up to 80%! This is one of the lesser-known Amazon hacks out there.

Scanning the Reviews

Reviews may seem frivolous on purchases, but words of already owned user explains a lot about the product than the description does. However, blindly going through reviews creates a dilemma, as reviews are individual’s opinions and one may praise the product, which another may curse.

Going through the words of 3 point-reviewers or 4-point reviewers brings the originality of the product. Unless the item new-aged smartphones or similar kinds, it’s better to skim into the review section.

No Rush Shipping Credits

If you aren’t in a rush to receive what you ordered, you can earn free credits for digital products on Amazon Prime.

When you are checking out with your cart, select the FREE no-rush shipping instead of the free 2-day shipping. Then, they will send you credits/discounts towards digital Amazon products (like movies!).

Our family saves up our digital product credits for movie nights! We rent a great movie using these credits that isn’t on Netflix or Hulu. It’s a fun family night that we all look forward to (and totally free when we use the credits)!

Reimbursement for Late Deliveries

Ever get annoyed by late deliveries? Or missed the chance of gifting your partner on special occasions due to late deliveries? Well, Amazon pays due respect for such kind of delays by offering reimbursements or prime-extension for one-month to the customers for consoling them.

If any of your packages got delayed than the mentioned date, you could ask for a reimbursement of upto $30 or full refund of the item cost and shipping fees or a free month of Amazon Prime.

To issue a complaint about a late Amazon delivery, log into your account and visit the contact page. From there, select the order and follow the prompts to report a problem. When the form asks about shipping or delivery issues, select shipment is late. You will get to choose whether you want to contact Amazon over the phone, by email, or via live chat.

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Once you are in direct contact with an Amazon representative, you can explain the issue and why the delivery failed to meet your expectations. The representative will investigate your claim, confirm the status of your delivery, and offer a resolution.

Free Amazon Prime for Students

If you’re a student, never miss the chance of leveraging giant tech’s applications for free like Adobe, Amazon, Spotify and so on. Amazon offers a program with lots of fantastic discounts just for students. It’s called Amazon Prime Student and to qualify, they just have to be a college student.

Some of the perks include:

  • A 6-month free trial of Prime
  • 50% off Prime membership after the trial
  • Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99 a month

Students are eligible to avail Prime student offer by enrolling with their ‘.edu’ mail-id.

Subscribe & Save

Amazon offers another way to save on products that you buy regularly each month (like laundry detergent). It’s called the Subscribe & Save program. This subscription service comes with free shipping.

Not only are the items that you subscribe to sold at a discount, but if you subscribe to at least 5 or more things and choose a single auto-delivery to one address, you’ll save 15% off your total order.

This also saves you time and energy spent at the store trying to buy those things you need each month.

Sign up for a Registry

If you’re getting married or having a baby soon, then you’ll want to sign up for an Amazon Wedding Registry or Amazon Baby Registry.

When you sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry, they will send you a surprise box of gifts and you’ll receive a discount on any baby items that were not purchased. Plus, you’re making it easy for your loved ones to spoil your bundle of joy on the way. This Amazon hack is one that all new parents need to try!

Discounts in Amazon

There is a very simple way to filter out discounted items for any category you browse on Amazon. All it requires is a few extra characters at the end of the URL. By adding ‘&pct-off=20-50’ (without the air quotes) to the end of the URL, Amazon will only show you products that offer between 20% – 50% discount in your chosen category.

You can simply switch out the numbers to view any other percentage of discount you’re looking for. For example, ‘&pct-off=50-80’ (without the air quotes), will show you all products offering a 50% – 80% discount.

Hope the page was useful.. Tell us in the comments, if you know any related tricks of shopping on Amazon. Happy Shopping!

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