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Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing & Edge Browser using OpenAI’s Technology is ready to beat Google, says its CEO

Microsoft has unveiled its new AI Bing & Edge browser powered by OpenAI’s advanced ChatGPT and is on the track to compete the rival Google’s Bard.

A search-war had been on between Microsoft and Google for years, as the former sought possible ways to tackle Google’s dominance with Bing search. Most of it went in vain, until the arrival of OpenAI. Elon Musk & Sam Altman’s OpenAI incited an AI-search war between the conglomerates and it’s too earlier to judge on the winning side. Perhaps, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is confident that the new AI-powered Bing will grab the search-engine to its territory.

The two firms on clash, announces their AI-enriched platforms one day after another – Google’s Sundar Pichai reveals Bard on Feb-7, followed by Microsoft on Feb-8.

What is new AI Bing all about?

Microsoft collaborating with OpenAI launches its all-new AI-powered Bing Search engine using advanced ChatGPT technology to provide an improved search experience, with relevant and comprehensive answers in seconds.

The Bing, in contrast to regular search-engines, will now able to give complete answers with detailed instructions, all in a single place, so you may not have to scroll and search for the apt answers, as it’s right in front of the screen.

Capable to comprehend and interpret, the AI-powered search-engine can clear your doubts or even suggest you with alternative answers, if needed. For example, you can ask for how to substitute eggs for another ingredient in a cake when you are baking right at the moment. Bing will tell you what to do, saving the scrolling.

Bing also comprises of conversational “Chat” experience, where users may ask for help to plan special anniversary travel trips, telling all your wishes and preferences of the trip one by one.

The new AI Bing also cites all its sources for you to refer, to ensure no misinformation is fed on. In the picture, Microsoft shows how the Bing AI Chat has listed a detailed answer on anniversary trip, with congratulations first.

Microsoft’s Bing & OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI back in 2019, foreseeing the potentials of the technology that may bring on, and again with $10 billion investment in 2022, after the commence of ChatGPT.

Confident on the AI technology, Microsoft believes that “this (AI) will change every software category, starting with search-engine”, says Satya Nadella.

The new Bing runs on a new large language model of OpenAI, that’s more powerful than the existing ChatGPT. Customizing the AI, with advancements from ChatGPT & GPT-3.5, the Bing’s AI is the next-gen of ChatGPT. “It’s faster, accurate and more capable,” says Microsoft’s Corporate VP.

New AI-powered Microsoft Edge

Microsoft incorporates AI in its Edge browser too, something that might push Google behind since it hadn’t mentioned anything about equipping AI in its Chrome browser.

With new AI capabilities and a new look, Edge introduces two functionalities namely – Chat and Compose. The Edge’s sidebar shows a Discover tab, where users can chat, or compose with the AI.

It works like this: When you are reading a lengthy paragraph that continues on scrolls, you can ask the AI to give summary on that page, with all the key takeaways in the “Chat” subtab. Microsoft says the AI is capable to summarize financial reports indeed, and may even compare one company’s financials with another by automatically putting the data into a table.

AI shows instant results in the Chat tab. Image Credits: The Verge

And you can also ask Edge to help you compose content, such as a LinkedIn post, in the “Compose” subtab by giving it a few prompts to get you started. After that, you can ask it to help you update the tone, format and length of the post. Edge can understand the web page you’re on and adapts accordingly.

A user had tested the Compose option of Edge and this is how the Edge responded:

Resignation letter by AI. Image Credits: Tom Warren, Twitter

AI makes things much easier!

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Can Microsoft’s Bing AI be factual & correct?

Though the new AI technology – ‘Generative AI’ simplifies the process, it is prone to misrepresent what it had understood and is thus can’t be guaranteed of accuracy and reliability.

AI can make mistakes, and third-party content on the internet may not always be accurate or reliable. Bing will sometimes misrepresent the information it finds, and you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate. Use your own judgment and double check the facts before making decisions or taking action based on Bing’s responses,” says Microsoft.

Image Credits: Tech Crunch

Is AI-Bing Available?

Microsoft allows users to access a limited preview of the new AI Bing with already prescribed queries and people will have to join the waitlist, before trying out the AI-search. Perhaps, the firm says that the new Bing and Edge will soon be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

“The new Bing is available today in a limited preview on desktop”, writes in the blog post.

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