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Google vs ChatGPT: AI War for which Google panics, issues Code-Red Alert

A giant wave of Artificial intelligence in its most creative and the upgraded form called “Generative AI” was deployed in OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The result unexpectedly peaked and induced curiosity amidst people, setting a milestone of gathering 1 million users within 5 days of launch – the feat that none of the technology had experienced so far.

This sudden vogue and growth of AI had disturbed Google crucially that made the firm’s CEO Sundar Pichai to issue “Code-Red” alert as fears prevail that the AI technology might replace the mightiest Google search engine one day.

Is ChatGPT a real competitor to Google, which may incite an AI-war in future? Let’s see…

OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Named as “ChatGPT-3”, the AI is developed to respond to people’s questions with conversational answers as humans chat with one another. The bot is designed to be fluid enough of being able to converse as humans to the users explaining anything in an understandable way or ‘descriptive’ manner. This excites users around the world to try the AI as it can compare thermodynamic question with a real-life experience or anything you ask for and elaborate it intelligibly.

I had chatted with ChatGPT to ask and pull off some crazy and controversial questions and the AI managed to reply cunningly backing off on some questions, but explained thoughtfully on informative questions.

As this sounds more convincing and easily gettable to the mind, many users foreseen that Google might be replaced with this ChatGPT owing to its potential, and so does Google itself.

Google’s Code-Red on ChatGPT

Google didn’t expect this instant success of AI platforms and in motive to not lose its user-base and search-engine to AI, issued “Code-Red” on the firm that’s like pulling a fire alarm. The firm is pivotal in its “Search-engine”, dominating the realm over two decades and with this AI arrival, Google feels that its majority can be diluted in a short span of time. In fact, the firm sees this as “first notable threat to Google in decades”.

According to The New York Times, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has asked numerous groups inside the company to build another platform capable of creating art and images, similar to Open AI’s Dalle-E.

The report adds that teams within Google’s research, Trust and Safety, and other departments have been tasked to improve its search engine and release new AI prototypes and products.

The added concerning factor for Google could be Microsoft considering $10 billion investment on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to develop as a rival to Google. It’s well known that Microsoft had trained Bing to race upon Google, and it all went in vain, as Google emerged unbeatable. Now, Microsoft is working on a AI version of Bing to tackle the race again. This take of Microsoft hinders Google to safeguard its search-engine and related platforms.

Meeting with Google’s Founders

Complying to the alert, Google had arranged several meetings with Google’s Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin along with company executives to discuss on ChatGPT, Google’s upcoming plans incorporating AI as a frontier. At the invitation of Sundar Pichai, the two founders turned back to the company after 2019 to deal with this urgency. And the topic: a rival’s new chatbot, a clever A.I. product that looked as if it could be the first notable threat in decades to Google’s $149 billion search business.

Google’s Advanced Technology Review Council, a panel of executives that includes Jeff Dean, the company’s senior vice president of research and artificial intelligence, and Kent Walker, Google’s president of global affairs and chief legal officer, met less than two weeks after ChatGPT debuted to discuss their company’s initiatives, according to the slide presentation.

It seldom means that Google hasn’t stepped into AI-based products and resources, but hasn’t urged upon for the launch of AI products and services.

Google vs ChatGPT

Google’s plan to win the AI-Race

Google possess a dozen of AI-related platforms – some waiting for launch while few had already released. The firm currently fastens its seat-belt with plans to launch over 20 AI products on May 2023, including a demo of its own AI search chatbot.

The demo for the chatbot search says Google will prioritize “getting facts right, ensuring safety and getting rid of misinformation,” hoping to address the issue of AI responding to queries confidently and clearly with bad information.

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Google AI Products & Services

According to the meetings conducted in the firm, Google has reviewed and pushed many of its AI resourced projects including “Image Generation Studio” which creates and edits images, likely as OpenAI’s ‘Dall-E2’.

AI Test Kitchen: An experimental app for testing product prototypes

Shopping Try-On: YouTube green screen feature to create backgrounds that cuts your posture from image or video using AI. Could be used also in shopping.

Maya app: It visualizes 3D shoes for an immersive shopping experience.

MakerSuite Platform: To help other businesses create their own A.I. prototypes in internet browsers

Colab + Android Studio:  A tool to make it easier to build apps for Android smartphones that will generate, complete and fix code, according to the presentation in the meeting.

PaLM-Codeer 2: Another tool for code generation and completion.

LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications): A chatbot by Google

With these, Google seems to be aggressively working on AI to launch the products and services them on its Google IO Event in May 2023.

“We continue to test our A.I. technology internally to make sure it’s helpful and safe, and we look forward to sharing more experiences externally soon,” Lily Lin, a spokeswoman for Google, said in a statement. She added that A.I. would benefit individuals, businesses and communities and that Google is considering the broader societal effects of the technology.

Will ChatGPT beat Google?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained immense popularity, sparkling a revolutionary AI tech which made the World’s Strongest brand – Google to look upon. ChatGPT AI will compete with Google on search-engine and others, but it is still can’t be interpreted or concluded as it might bring an end to Google’s dominance. The tech giant serves to be the pioneering firm in almost every field of its existence and Google had started to urge its AI arm for numerous launches, trying to prove itself to be the domineer.

However, we may have to wait to know which will allure people with the tech’s experience and overtake the race in the future.

Which one do you think will win the AI-race? Google or ChatGPT?

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