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Owing to the adverse effects of fossil-fueled way of generating electricity on climate, it calls for an increased demand of implementing renewables worldwide. Solar & Wind, being the top-gains of renewable sources, has foreseen to be the future technologies that is expected to produce 700% more power than of now.

Thanks to its latest upgrades and developments in the fields, especially in solar. Solar has now become more cost-effective and well-structured than before, for which its installers are rocketing up.

Solar panel types, not monocrystalline, polycrystalline varieties, or not flat-plate collector and photovoltaic, but the innovations that has been sown in the field, is what the below of this page depicts.

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Transparent Solar Panels

Today, the imminent climate change crisis demands a shift from conventionally used fossil fuels to efficient sources of green energy more of like, “personalized energy,” which would make on-site energy generation possible. For example, solar cells could possibly be integrated into windows, vehicles, cellphone screens, and other everyday products. But for this, it is important for the solar panels to be handy and transparent.

To this end, scientists have recently developed “transparent photovoltaic” (TPV) devices — transparent versions of the traditional solar cell. Unlike the conventionally dark, opaque solar cells (which absorb visible light), TPVs make use of the “invisible” light that falls in the ultraviolet (UV) range.

Researchers from Incheon National University, Republic of Korea, came up with an innovative design for a metal-oxide-based TPV device. They inserted an ultra-thin layer of silicon (Si) between two transparent metal-oxide semiconductors with the goal of developing an efficient TPV device.

This novel design consisting of the Si film had three major advantages. First, it allowed for the utilization of longer-wavelength light (as opposed to bare TPVs). Second, it resulted in efficient photon collection. Third, it allowed for the faster transport of charged particles to the electrodes. Moreover, the design can potentially generate electricity even under low-light situations (for instance, on cloudy or rainy days). The scientists further confirmed the power-generating ability of the device by using it to operate the DC motor of a fan.

An entire skyscraper in Detroit has been installed with this transparent panels, made happen by Michigan State University. Watch it here

Colorful Solar Panels that no longer require Sunlight

A student from Philippines invented a new Solar Panel that would no longer require direct Sunlight to generate power & that hit completely innovative to the renewable way of generating energy.

The concept behind this, called ‘AuREUS’ (which stands for Aurora Renewable Energy and UV Sequestration) was invented by Carvey Ehren Maigue, an Electrical engineering student from Mapua University of Philippines.

Read about it fully, here!

Solar Skins

Good bye to the old kind of installing solar power, demanding wide space for set-up. Here comes the Solar skin, the photovoltaic cells that can be annexed to your roofs without compromising its efficiency and production. The solar skins can have custom designs and are accustomed to the consumer’s solar power model & space. It’s similar to the ad wraps on the bus windows. The falling sunlight is filtered by the skins to reach the solar cells beneath it.

Sistine Solar, leading manufacturer of these skins is testing the technology at United States to increase its efficiency as well. The skins can be laid on your grassy lawns, on your roof tops & in business and government offices too, for various applications.

Elon Musk’s Solar Roofs too attempted the similar concept!

As the World paying more attention to renewables, solar innovations and developments could have high influence, bringing fruitfulness to this world!

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