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How to use ChatGPT to crack Job interviews? Woman shares tips that works Good

Using ChatGPT to crack Interviews

A US woman who is a Marketing manager and TikToker shared tips to use ChatGPT to crack job interviews.

The advent of generative AI technology eased many processes such as writing emails in seconds, getting answers, summarizing a long paragraph, and more, saving lot of time and effort. ChatGPT is the foremost to spark the revolutionary change in the technology field and it is spreading as wildfire, with many advancements down on the line. We had discussed 10 ways of effectively using ChatGPT before and now here comes a new way of exploiting AI to get you ready for interviews.

Hana Goefft, marketing manager and a TikTok influencer in US, took TikTok to share tips of using ChatGPT to crack any job interview. The trick helped her to land the job and it works pretty good, she insists.

Using ChatGPT to crack Job Interviews

Hana believes AI resources like ChatGPT can be effective in figuring out interview-questions that helps people to prepare for them intellectually.

In the video shared by her, Hana Goefft explains that she copy-pasted the job description she is gonna apply, into ChatGPT’s prompt and generated interview questions based on that. She asked the ChatGPT to generate questions for each point and analyse the description for the top 10 keywords. The chatbot should respond with sample interview questions and a list of important words or phrases, she said.

Interview Questions by ChatGPT
Questions provided by ChatGPT

Candidates can then brainstorm the answers to those questions, that also aligns with the keywords. She suggests to emphasize the exact experience related to that, rather than projects they (interviewees) are proud of.

The video had garnered over 2 million views since it was posted in March and TikTok users replied that the trick works well. One user replied “I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and now I’m being flown to another state for a second interview at my dream job, NO JOKE”.

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Verifying the trick

A tech Journalist at India Today, verified if ChatGPT can really get you a job by providing the apt questions that could be asked in an interview. She prompted ChatGPT to give interview questions for a job role of Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon. The AI in turn replied with 10 generic interview questions for the role, that are about critical thinking, experience and even technical.

“To confirm if such questions are asked during an Amazon interview, we even cross-checked with an employee at Amazon. He confirmed that these questions indeed are mostly part of the interview process and can be asked directly or as a follow up,” she writes.

Interview Questions for Senior Software Development Engineer role

However, questions asked in interviews can change depending on the interviewer and the experience level of an interviewee. Users are recommended to not fully rely on the questions by ChatGPT, but prep with that.

“With ChatGPT’s assistance, you can be well-prepared and confident. It covers all bases, ensuring you don’t miss important topics or stumble over responses,” Hana adds, as reported by NY Times.

AR Glass for clearing interviews

This is a cool trick to get yourself ace in interviews. Well, there have also been other ways of using ChatGPT, which assures of landing in a job, but in a cunning manner. Students from Stanford University, US had developed an AR Glass that utilizes ChatGPT’s AI technology to prompt answers for the question, by synthesizing the voice and converting it to text to extract the information, which would be displayed in the AR Glass. All happening in matter of seconds.

Modern days had spiced up the level of competition, and for an individual to outperform the masses, technology would be a great assistance, though being the one which incited the competition in the first place.

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