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These Open-space Virtual-Reality(VR) Gaming provides Immersive Gaming Experience

An eminent feat of technology that bloomed to provide an inexpressible experience and advantages – Virtual Reality (VR), has extended its influence onto various fields such as education and training, metaverse, and especially gaming. VR Gaming impressed people significantly, reasoning to its immersive experience and a wholesome gaming adventure that one would have never seen.

Several VR Gaming centers has emerged now across US, France, Dubai and India, which however, is not quite popular to people about its existence and location. This page will expound VR Gaming availability in the countries, so that gamers and tourist people can include the spot in your travel brochure.

What is VR Gaming?

VR Gaming

VR Gaming is the next generation of computer games wherein users dive into the virtual world for an immersive gaming experience. Wearable VR devices such as VR headset, hand controllers and more, tethers users into the gaming world, enabling the users’ actions to get reflected in the game.

As the VR Headset completely covers the sight of a person, one may get completely detached from the real world rendering immersion at its fullest. The thrill of VR gaming comes from its first-person viewpoint and each player’s ability to manipulate the virtual environment. Unlike regular video games where the perspective is typically from behind and/or slightly above the player’s character, VR gamers often feel like they’re seeing the action directly from their character’s eyes.

EVA – Esports Virtual Arena – Europe, USA

Regular VR Gaming centers that has a compact room where only limited people just 2 to 4 play games, with also restriction to move freely. Unlikely to this, an esports gaming startup – EVA from Paris, France has improvised the gaming further, providing a wide play-ground like space for VR gaming, which is the world’s biggest of the kind, the startup claims. Players meander all over the area with guns and VR headsets playing two of their action-packed games – ‘After-H Battle Arena’ and ‘After-H Zombies’, with up to 12 members.

With wide arenas of 5,600 sq ft in size, EVA offers an unmatched level of immersion of esports. Unveiled at Paris Games Week in 2019, the VR Gaming arena delivers ultimate gaming experience with cutting-edge technology and massive free-roaming play spaces.

Located in dozens of places in France, Europe and in Flower Mound in USA, EVA charges €19 ($21 / ₹1700) per session of gaming or premium-like subscription ‘battle-pass’ for 89.90 ($97 / ₹8000) per month that allows unlimited gaming without commitment.

People can also opt for private events, booking the arena for your group of friends. Importantly, people may have to book priorly to experience and play in the virtual world. EVA raised $5million in 2022 for expanding its VR esports business.

Microgravity – India

Similar to EVA of France, Microgravity in Gurgaon, in India brings the open space VR Gaming to India with four games including virtual golf. Microgravity allows multi-player gaming experience where you can relish the virtual game with your friends. Microgravity boasts world-class simulators, virtual reality bays and more using cutting edge protection and simulation technology.

The company is also developing Microgravity Gaming League which looks to enhance and promote the esports league format and popular games like FIFA, Call of Duty and Free Fire to encourage young gamers.

However, it hadn’t provided any information related to the gaming-space available. The VR gaming in Gurgaon costs ₹1,800 per head for a 30-minute gaming experience and a maximum of 8 players are allowed in a given time.

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Arena Games – World-wide

Arena Games is another open-space VR Gaming platform, available in many countries including, US, UK, India, UAE, France and more. Rendering 14 virtual games with a maximum of eight players simultaneously, you and your friends can play around in the 128sq.m space.

Players will be wearing a VR headset, an ultra-performing computer housed in a backpack, and a gun-like controller for the play. With a 15-minute playing session, it’s priced at ₹999 per head per session. (In India, the centers are in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.)

Virtual-reality is widely blooming and the impact is profound in the gaming-sector, with potentials in expanding to more locations in the coming years. Owing to the immersive experience and the vogue of technology, people are cordial about the VR gaming.

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