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Google’s ‘Bard AI’ now knows Coding in 20 Programming Languages, says Google

Google Bard is now upgraded to help people with coding, debugging and related stuffs in 20 programming languages.

Google unveiled its ChatGPT-rival generative-AI technology ‘Bard’ on February of 2023, but it didn’t receive appreciations as ChatGPT-powered Bing did. Indeed, Bard was criticized for its inaccuracy, that it uttered with conviction. Though, Google restricted wide availability of the AI, by making Bard ‘an experiment’, it now takes a step ahead by upgrading it to coding.

As ChatGPT led the way in assisting people with coding, debugging and other software engineer’s jobs, it’s expected for all of the generative-AI competitors to meet that benchmark, and Google can’t escape out of it. Bard is highly expected as it might be answering to the question of ‘who will the AI race between Microsoft & Google’.

Google Bard in Coding

A recent blog post from Google revealed that Bard is now capable to help with programming and software development tasks including code generation, debugging and code explanation.

Coding by Google Bard
GIF by Google

Google Bard can now code in more than 20 programming languages including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python and Typescript. With this update, people with all levels of programming experience, from beginners to experienced coders can reach out to Bard in need of help with coding doubts.

As said, Bard can not only be a tool of generation but also of a tool of tutoring, where you can type in a code and ask for explanation or what the code’s output will be, replacing a compiler’s job. This could be useful for beginners to involve into programming.

In an example, Google also showed how Bard can help you debug code. If Bard mistakenly provides you a piece of code that pops up error, or code that’s away from what you intended, you can tell Bard “This code didn’t work, please fix it,” for debugging the code.

Google Bard debugging Code
Bard debugging Code (image by Google)

Bard also helps in..

As Google is in works to incorporate AI into everything of it’s territory, such as Adsense, Gmail, Maps and more, Bard will help you more by doing these too:

  • Bard’s recent upgrade lets the AI to also assist with writing functions for Google Sheets, making it easy to work.
  • Bard can optimize the code by making it faster or more efficient, claims Google. For an initial output from Bard, respond by “Could you please make that code faster?” or “Scan for any error in the code”.
  • Creating documentation or tutorials based on a source code could be fetchable with Bard. It will also help translating your code from one language to another.
  • The code generated by the AI can be easily exported to Google Colab, the firm’s own coding collaboration platform.

However, in a testing with the new update, certain Python scrips weren’t working due to not assigning certain functions, and website code made in HTML would not be split into CSS, HTML, and Javascript, dexerto reported.

Anyhow, when I went to ChatGPT for a VBA code for creating Powerpoint presentation using AI, the code it proffered in the first reply was with errors and only on regenerating the response, it worked.

The point is, these AIs can and will make mistakes, for which it’s advisable to not completely rely on the output of theirs. It’s better to double-check the responses in search.

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Bard is not enough & Google is coming with ‘Magi’

Bard is still in the experiment stage, while Microsoft had started equipping ChatGPT into its Bing-search, and other features. In fact, text-to-image generating platform of OpenAI “Dall-E2” is already available in Bing.

Microsoft is confident in the race of grabbing the search-engine into its side this time and its first sign is the reports stating that Samsung is being driven to use Bing as a default search-engine, replacing the conventional Google Search.

This puts Google in a Panic mode. Google was in contract with Samsung to let retain Google Search as default search-engine in Samsung devices, for a whopping pay of $3 billion annually. As the contract nears to the end, Google is urging its team for a new AI-enabled search engine that would let Google sustain default-search feature in Samsung. The new AI-enabled search engine by Google is coined as ‘Magi’.

Google’s new project ‘Magi’ is in works by over 160 designers, engineers, executives and other staffs, aiming to add new AI capabilities to search results, image search and more, in a way that blends with ads in search results. Magi could be the ChatGPT for Google, boosting Google to match with its rival’s potential.  

ETA of Magi is not yet announced, but is expected on Google I/O 2023, which is planned in May 2023.

2023 would be the year of AI, as many things are (/will be) unveiling!

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