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Nokia brings DIY Reparability to Smartphones with a new Repairable Android Phone

Nokia has launched a new repairable budget android smartphone that allows users to swap the battery and more, like its old button phones.

It feels nostalgic on seeing old Nokia phones with battery-swapping ability, and extreme rigidity that seldom breaks on falls. After the advent of smartphones, there aren’t any such-a-kind of options left over, allowing only the SIM cards & SD cards to be changed. However, Nokia revives the battery-swaps and lot more repairability features to Smartphones with a launch of a new repairable android phone.

Partnering with iFixit, Nokia’s new repairable phone got launched on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here is everything you need to know about the phone.

Nokia’s Repairable Smartphone

Nokia’s Reparable Smartphone

Called the Nokia G22, the smartphone has a removable back that covers an internal design which allows components to be easily unscrewed and swapped out including the phone’s battery, screen and charging port.

HMD Global – Nokia phones manufacturer, will make “quick fix” repair guides and promises availability of genuine phone parts for five years via iFixit. The self-repairable phone’s repair guides are already available on iFixit, before the sale of phone.

“People value long-lasting, quality devices and they shouldn’t have to compromise on price to get them. The new Nokia G22 is purposefully built with a repairable design you can keep it even longer,” said Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing for HMD Global.

Further, Nokia makes the replacement parts affordable, ranging from $25 for charging port to $55 for touchscreen assemblies, which is quite a cut from Apple’s $310 screen replacement.

Nokia G22

Most other phone-makers disentitle the warranty if the handset is repaired by unauthorized person. Contrast to them, Nokia eligibles the service of non-authorized technician, by covering the warranty. So, if you made a self-repair, but found an issue later, your warranty is still valid by Nokia.

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Features of Nokia G22

Nokia G22 has a little made of recycled plastic and features a 6.53” screen, large capacity battery, 50MP AI camera and a fingerprint scanner. With 5050 mAh battery, it runs on Android 12 and will cost only $150, the most affordable repairable smartphone, much cheaper than the similar repairable model of Fairphone. Though Fairphone offers more repairability options for its mobiles, the entry price of buying one reaches $550.

Shipping for Nokia G22 starts on March 8, 2023 for $150 in USA and ₹15,690 in India. However, Inspite of providing great repairability options with the handset, Nokia supports three years of monthly security updates and two major Android version upgrades to its G-series. On launching a phone with long-lasting hardware in mind, Nokia could have extended the support of software too, as security-updates would even matter for the durability of the phone.

Do you think DIY repairability should be an option for more upcoming smartphones?

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