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Satya Nadella – From Hyderabad to CEO of Microsoft

People of the world, especially Indians would be taken to heart and motivated to look on the fact that the top positioning posts in the leading companies in the world are Indians. Besides Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, who is credited more from his mother country, there also abide a hardworking, tech-stuffed man from Hyderabad, India to be the CEO of the Trillion-Dollar company, Microsoft, named “SATYA NADELLA”. This flamboyant man and his path to the CEO of Microsoft absolutely needs a recital, motive to be an inspiring individual from the streets of Hyderabad, so this blog does!

Satya Nadella’s way to Microsoft

  • Satya Nadella is an Indian-American Business Executive, well known as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, succeeding the billionaire Steve Ballmer in 2014. Prior to being CEO, he was serving Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise group.
  • Satya Narayana Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India on 19th August 1967 to an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, his father. He wasn’t an Ace scoring boy in schools and his father would criticize his marks for fun.
  • Nadella was an avid cricket player, like millions of young-boys, during his schoolings and had captained the school team. In fact, his father’s foremost advice on the child is to focus on academics and let it off the cricket. He accounts that this was where, managing and leadership skills incited on him for the first, being the leader.
  • Nadella first thought of pursuing his career as Economist and Business Official, rather his dad turned him to the engineering side, as those times were the pinnacle of the study. Then, he did Electrical Engineering in Manipal Institute of Technology in 1988. As most of the Indian Engineers, he shifted to U.S and graduated M.S in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1990.
  • At the vent of his M.S, Satya joined Sun Microsystems as a software developer in 1990. In 1992, he married Anupama, who was his junior in the Manipal Institute of Technology. The couple now have three children and live in Washington.
  • Satya Nadella allied himself with Microsoft in 1992, to be a cloud computing techie and served as senior Vice-President of R&D for the online business division and Microsoft business division. The times were responsible for the growing phase of Microsoft and Nadella has a great chip of alms to the trillion-dollar company.
  • While working for Microsoft, he completed his MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 1996. Nadella says, the tides were so horning, to manage his entities. Nadella was the top-notched person to dower to the Microsoft’s cloud computing division and in the development of the company’s largest cloud infrastructure in the world.
  • Well, serving out a long epoch in Microsoft as a developer, Nadella became the President of the Server & Tools Division of the company in 2011. He endeavored a lot between 2011 – 2013.
  • Nadella led the transformation of Microsoft’s business and technology culture from client services to the cloud infrastructure and services. He incorporated Microsoft’s Database, Windows Server and developer tools to its Azure Cloud that as in whole, rebounded the company with $20.3 Billion in 2013 from $16.6 Billion in 2011.
  • The moment of searching for a new CEO recited in the company, after Steve Ballmer serving the same for 14 long years. While, the spell was so competitive with the fellow techs, Samsung and Apple. The team went in hand for Satya Nadella, the 3rd CEO of one of the largest tech company in the world on 4th February, 2014.
  • Being a CEO, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer insisted Nadella to act in his own way, rather to follow them; “That thrived an impact in my life of ‘Being Yourself’ “, Nadella stated.
  • Acquisitions: Nadella’s first acquisition with Microsoft was Mojang, a Swedish game developing company for $2.5 Billion. He oversaw the procurement of LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion in 2016 and GitHub for $7.5 Billion in 2018.
  • Nadella’s pace as CEO of Microsoft, rendered the company with the stocks tripled the rate, in 2018 and a 27% annual growth rate. The facts exploit him to be the unrivaled leader of the organization.
  • Satya Nadella authored “Hit Refresh”, that explores his life, his career in Microsoft and how he believes technology will shape the future. The profits of the book, go in home to Microsoft Philanthropies, he cited.
  • Nadella is a Board of Trustees in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research center, University of Chicago and one amidst the Directors of Starbucks and is worth $387 Million.
  • Nadella about COVID19 Impact and Technology:

Satya Nadella has a unique vantage point for observing technology’s role in combatting Covid-19. Nadella points to a health bot developed by Microsoft he says is used by hundreds of hospitals today for coronavirus triage. The bot asks questions of potential patients as a first round of screening, a virtual doctor via telemedicine, and ultimately to a testing solution. “Now that it’s built, I’m sure it’ll get used even in a normal [situation],” Nadella says. “ I think these are workflows that are going to be relevant much beyond Covid-19 as well.”

"This is the time. Go yourself with the tech-stuffs and softwares and get the hell out of your reality"_Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

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