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Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia & Pixar joins for developing OpenUSD 3D standards

OpenUSD for 3D content creation

Firms such as Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia & Pixar collaboratively launches Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD) for standardizing 3D ecosystem by enhancing the Pixar’s Open Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD).

As technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and metaverse emerges as potential industries, firms seek to adapt these techs in their products or services. With Heads-up Display (HUD) in cars, measurement of height or distances with your iPhone, trying virtual makeup, AR/VR holds a huge value in commercial and domestic purposes.

To lay a foundation for building these virtual 3D worlds and propose standardization for the industry, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia, Pixar, introduces Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD).

Alliance for OpenUSD

Pixar developed Universal Scene Description (USD) in 2016, which is an open-source software that can robustly and scalably interchange 3D scenes that may be composed of many different assets, sources and animations, while fostering highly collaborative workflows. It is a fundamental platform for people creating virtual or metaverse content.

The current alliance with other firms seeks to standardize the 3D system by advancing OpenUSD and by promoting greater interoperability of 3D tools and data. It will enable developers and content creators to describe, compose and simulate large-scale 3D projects and build an ever-widening range of 3D-enabled products and services.

As described by Nvidia, “OpenUSD supports the requirements of building virtual worlds – like geometry, cameras, lights and materials. It also includes features necessary for scaling to large, complex datasets, and it’s tremendously extensible, enabling the technology to be adapted to workflows beyond visual effects.”

OpenUSD for 3D Content Creation

By coming together, the alliance allows users to leverage each of the firm’s 3D applications at one place, bringing all of the 3D content creation tools such as Maya, Houdini, Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Adobe Substance 3D Designer, their capabilities under one umbrella.

OpenUSD will uplift the current 3D generating pipeline by including all the process required in processing 3D content like defining, packaging, assembling and editing in a single platform with fullest capabilities.

“OpenUSD will help accelerate the next generation of AR experiences, from artistic creation to content delivery, and produce an ever-widening array of spatial computing applications,” said Mike Rockwell, Apple’s Vice president of the Vision Products Group.

The alliance supplements Apple’s Vision Pro headset, as an essential technology for the groundbreaking visionOS platform as well as the new Reality Composer Pro developer tool. “Apple has been an active contributor to the development of USD,” says Mike Rockwell.

Autodesk & Nvidia

“Whether you’re building CG worlds or digital twins or looking ahead to the 3D web, content creators need a cohesive way to collaborate and share data across tools, services, and platforms,” said Gordon Bradley, Fellow, Media & Entertainment, Autodesk. “Autodesk is excited to support the Alliance for OpenUSD as it drives 3D interoperability for visual effects, animation, and beyond, and supports our vision to help customers design and make a better world.” 

“OpenUSD gives 3D developers, artists, and designers the complete foundation to tackle large-scale industrial, digital content creation, and simulation workloads with broad multi-app interoperability,” said Guy Martin, Director of Open Source and Standards at NVIDIA. “This alliance is a unique opportunity to accelerate OpenUSD collaboration globally by building formal standards across industries and initiatives to realize 3D worlds and industrial digitalization.”

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