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This $1400 AI-Powered “Moonwalker” Shoes will make you Walk 250% Faster

AI shoe that speeds your walk

An AI-powered electric shoes called “Moonwalker shoes” that got TikTok-famous this year will make you walk at 11km/hr and is very easy to use.

Wearables and gadgets are getting smarter day by day and the tech doesn’t leave the shoes away. Ever thought of effort-less running? Well, these AI shoes will let you walk at the speed of run, so you can easily commute to shorter distances in time and still not feel getting tired, as you would if you are running.

U.S.-based startup Shift Robotics invented ‘world’s fastest’ AI-powered shoes, that can be strapped to any shoe or slippers and will let you slide through the road, as if you are on roller-skaters.

AI-powered Moonwalker shoes

The man behind this shoe, Xunjie Zhang, Shift Robotics’ founder and CEO, recalls how a car almost hit him during his 2-miles travel to work in his scooter, that let him to design a shoe that makes people to walk much faster than they could.

“Shift Moonwalkers” – by what the shoe is called, allows anyone to boost their walking speed by up to 250%. The shoe can be strapped onto your own shoes or slippers or bare foot and as you walk, you’ll be speeding up to 11km/hr (7mph). That’s three times faster than an average human’s walking speed.

It feels like you are roller-skating on the pavement, but the eight-wheels at the bottom provides stability for your walk. In fact, it’s completely different from roller-skaters, as you could stop the speeding power of the shoe and resume it back as you like. Also, it will adapt if you are climbing down the hill-road automatically. Thanks to its machine learning algorithms.

Moonwalkers has its own algorithm equipped inside it, that would analyze a person’s pattern of walking within the first ten steps and get itself blending with a person’s walk. Like, when you walk faster, the shoes will boost it up at the maximum and a casual slow walk will have the shoes too in a normal speed.

You can do more with Moonwalkers

The shoes’ algorithm lets the wearer to control it, so you can stop speeding when you need, by gently lifting your right heel and then placing it back down on the ground. The electronic brakes will fully lock the wheels.

And to resume walking at the pace of a run, lifting your right heel in the air and rotating it clockwise while keeping your toe on the ground would help, unlocking the wheels.

Zhang told “no freewheeling” is one of the Moonwalkers’ biggest safety features. “Unless you are walking, they are completely locked,” Zhang said. The shoes are secured with a magnetic buckle, which can be unfastened in the event of malfunction, he said. For 1.5 hours of full-charging, Moonwalkers can swift you for over 6 miles (9.6km) of range.

Moonwalkers is user-friendly, as within ten to fifteen minutes of walking with the shoe strapped on, the users were proficiently adapting to it, the CEO told Insider.

A video of the Moonwalker shoes on TikTok made it viral around the globe, racking up to 24.9 million views to date.

The project was launched on Kickstarter last year and has since raised almost $330,000. Shift Robotics has received over 2,000 orders for the shoes, Insider reported.

The shoes were reviewed on Wired in December to a generally positive outcome. “It felt like I had superpowers for a little bit,” wrote Wired’s Brent Rose.

Moonwalkers were tested by people from ages 15 to over 60 and Zhang says that the shoes are for everyone. But with the price of $1,399 (₹1,14,800), it’s probably not for everyone. Moonwalkers is currently only available in U.S.

Would you buy the Moonwalkers to speed up your walk?

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