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How Augmented Reality Glasses makes Driving to the Next Level?

The advent of AR Glasses and its technology in the traveling and transportation, enhances driving to a whole new level with AR elements and functions like ‘X-Ray vision’ on the glass lets you to see through the doors and the car.

Technology in recent cars like Tesla, had enhanced driving with its innovative elements, features, capabilities, that pushes people to no longer expect “just driving” in a car, but something more than driving. Also, the potential worth of automobile industry allures big techs, bringing them to the field. And in the track, Apple, Google, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus had all announced their presence in making cars will be marked in the world within next few years. This further paves the way for innovation to hit the car industry and is going to be fantastic.

Moreover, here is another tech – Augmented Reality taking over the driving to the next level, by its capabilities and functionalities.

The Future of Transportation is Here!

Augmented Reality

The world at present is revolving around the techs of this era, wherein Augmented Reality is vital in enhancing the experience of the reality. Whether it be education, entertainment or transportation, the advent of AR has possibly upgraded the involvement.

Augmented Reality is the part of science and technology that simulates virtual objects (or the virtual world) in the real-world and caters an interactive experience of a real-world environment along with the virtual objects.

AR can be symbolically stated as that feature that fulfils: combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction and accurate 3D view of real and virtual objects. The technology is just like putting in front of you, the needs and enhancements that can exalt the experience.

Augmented Reality in Driving

Glancing frequently at our phone for map, or looking on blind-spots while parking has been a hinder, that most of us had been experiencing while driving. AR Glasses compose all those hindrance into a solution – everything directly visible to your eyesight. This means, you don’t even need to turn your head, to view the blind-spots, the glasses would offer the vision.

By overlaying crucial information for the driver within their line of sight, augmented reality can improve safety. In addition to helping with navigation and data from gauges, augmented reality can make the driver aware of hazards on the road or other emergency notifications. Through Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible technology, car drivers in the future could opt to have an augmented reality passenger in the car who can interact with them, perform co-pilot duties, and more. 

AR Features make Driving Safer

Projected dashboard stats within the driver’s natural line of sight leads to immersive, safe and convenient drive. Besides intimating you the way, dashboard & blind-spots, the glasses also proffer road signs, warnings, hazards and collisions ahead of time. By viewing driving updates and directions in their unobstructed line of sight, drivers are able to multitask without even realizing it.

While most states prohibit the use of handsets while driving, even popular hands-free devices can be cumbersome and distracting. This makes the most basic tasks, like using a GPS app, dangerous. Anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road can be the cause of a life-changing crash.

AR Glasses for driving, is not new to this world. MINI had plans for this 6 years back.

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BMW’s AR Glasses

MINI Augmented Vision, which was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show is a research project developed by BMW Group Research and Technology looking at how augmented-reality eyewear could make driving safer and more convenient in future.

The prototype augmented-reality headset, which visitors to Auto Shanghai 2015 can experience at MINI’s interactive demo, aims to improve safety by eliminating blind spots, as well as helping drivers with everyday tasks such as parking.

The glasses can also overlay more traditional digital information over the real world, such as speed limits and turn-by-turn navigation.

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