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10 New Google’s Upcoming Projects that are so Futuristic

Google for the past decade has been evolving around numerous projects and researches which keeps the company step into various domains of the world, finding opportunities and solving problems. Google’s ‘under-research’ Upcoming Projects shows the firm’s wide involvement into the subject and achieving it profitably like its autonomous vehicle – Waymo project.

Google, the tech-giant accrediting for 86.86% of searches and billions of people using its products and services, has an extended field to contribute the technological advancements to the world via its ‘X Company’.

X company founded by Google in January 2010, as a research and development organization, moonshots enhancement of sectors through technology and innovation. X came out with handful of projects starting from its birth and marching on to an eco-friendly and reliable product/service, sustainable to humans and environment.

Taara – Free Space Optics Communications

Google’s goal of making internet and technology, globally accessible to every possible human in this earth, gets its mission on, by its X company’s Taara.

Taara – Google’s Light-based Internet Service

Taara focusses on fetching internet & technology to remote places, where it’s not feasibe to do so, accounting to economic and cost features. Free Space Optics Communications (FSOC) unties the knot. FSOC, an initiative by Google’s parent company renders internet facility to people of remote areas (like terrain, rural & mountain areas) via visible beams of light. Taara transmits information through a very narrow stream of light that is invisible and is capable of travelling 20+ kms from a single transmitter. It promises of providing reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity at 20 Gbps to the unconnected people.

Taara in Andhra Pradesh, India

The Taara team has piloted their technology in India (Andhra Pradesh) and Africa. Taara links help to plug critical gaps to major access points, like cell towers and major WiFi hotspots and helps thousands to access the educational, business and communication benefits of the web.

Verily – Medical Sector

X’s lays its helping hands with medical field, by solely contributing on a separate project ‘Verily’. Verily combines the technological advantages, advancements with data science to work on diseases and other global health problems that influences people’s healthy lives. The team of Verily develops products that eases the detection and management of diseases by collaborating technology, laboratory science and medicine.

Verily – Smart contact lens.

One of their breakthroughs include tiny nanoparticles to flow through blood, that could easily interpret specific type of cells (like cancer cells) and get attached to it. By doing so, the team affirms the simple-ness to detect diseases at an earlier stage & to diagnose them.

They also build up smart contact lens prototype with the potential to provide accurate measurements of biological markers in the human eye.

Tidal – Savior of Oceans

Tidal composes of protecting ocean ecosystem and feeding humanity sustainably. Oceans sums up to 70% of the world and recent times have depletion of it by humans. Tidal on the aspect helps to save the ocean-life by equipping an underwater camera system and machine perception tools for bringing the ocean ecosystem transparent to humans, solely for the purpose of protecting and developing it.

Tidal exploits the technology also to meet the growing protein needs of humans, i.e., fishes. It aids in deploying tools to the underwater to track, analyze and feed the ecosystem, to have a healthy fish farming. The process involves immersing a camera and computer vision into the sea (1), that monitors the sea movements and environmental sensors (2) for collecting information like temperature, salinity, etc., to pacify the fish farming and preserve the environment. The tools are capable of withstanding frigid temperatures, corrosion and strong currents.

The lack of information from the ocean puts it to the outbreaks of disease and pollution and ultimately to erosivity. Thereupon, Tidal system works on to find environmentally friendly ways to run and grow their operations, aiming to prove critical both for feeding humanity and protecting the health of the ocean.

Tidal started with a small team at a lab-scale farm and now operated the tests in Norway, in the Artic circle and North Sea.

Wing – Air Delivery Service

Wing is nothing but a drone delivery service by Google’s X Company to home-deliver products at the quickest time possible.

Google’s Wing – Drone Delivery Service

The autonomous delivery drone service “Wing” aims to increase access to goods, reduce traffic congestions in cities and help ease the CO2 emissions attributable to the transportation of goods, since transportations are responsible for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions. Wing is also developing an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform that clears out the hurdle of navigating through manned aircrafts, other drones and on-way obstacles like buildings, trees and towers. Speeding up to 113km/hr, Wing can fly up in the air at 150 ft and is fully electric powered system with zero carbon emissions.

This reliable delivery service started long back at 2014, delivering goods to rural Queensland, Australia and expanded to U.S in 2016 and then to Finland, thus existing in 3 continents. Wing also is privileged to successfully carry out 100,000 flight deliveries in that three continents.

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Waymo – Self-driving

Google, also has an eye on transforming mobility to convenient and reliable with self-driving cars. Waymo, a complete reliable and fully self-driving system makes the travel as a ‘ride’, not a ‘drive’. Waymo has 360 degree cameras, LiDAR and radar sensors to detect objects and obstacles in all directions, even in dark. The self-driving car of Waymo gets nicknamed as ‘Firefly’ by the team.

Google’s Waymo at the beginning

Having begun the self-driving car project in 2009, Alphabet tested its run for the first time with Toyota Prius with self-driving modifications attached to the car and set out to tackle over 100,000 miles of autonomous driving on public challenging roads.

Waymo allured the car-holders by riding a legally blind man, Steve Mahan from a park to doctor’s office in 2015, becoming the world’s first fully self-driving trip on public roads. Now, Waymo completes over 20 million miles of run on public roads of 25 U.S. cities.
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Waymo – Google’s Robotaxi

Waymo can now begin transporting passengers in its robotaxis, thanks to a new regulatory approval in California. The California Public Utilities Commission issued Waymo approval to join a test program called Autonomous Vehicle Passenger Service Pilot.

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