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Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset Plans: 3D World, Video Service & more – All we know about the Headset

Apple in the wake of new reveals of foldable phones, is getting ready to gear-up its next tech gadget – Mixed-reality Headset. Smart headsets / glasses have been a craze over the past years and one from Apple is awaited a lot. Sources now confirm that the company will be unleashing its first-ever Mixed-Reality Headset coming June 2023. Besides, there are a bounty of details on the headset got dripped. Here is everything we know about Apple’s Mixed-Reality headset.

Apple in need of software talents, stated the job’s roles they are looking for, which infers that the firm is building a ‘virtual world’ of its own, but seldom want to point-out the term ‘metaverse’, instead goes for ‘3D mixed-reality world’. It’s marketing chief even said that metaverse is “a word I’ll never use”. 

Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset’s Hardware

Apple wants to merge the potentialities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in view of sketching out a headset that applies the appropriate tech based on the needs. Means, the headset also allows Apple’s apps like iMessage, FaceTime and Maps (AR), indeed rendering an immersive gaming experience and 3D world (VR).

Called the “Reality Pro”, the headset will equip 15 cameras, eight for AR, six for biometrics and one for environmental detection, according to apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. With this, the headset plans for scanning the user’s retina for sign-in options and to hold secure payments via retina.

It is said to feature a curved screen on the front. This will show the eyes of the user wearing it. It will also have side speakers as well as headband that will make it possible to fit well on the user’s head.

Likely as apple Airpods, posing the best-fit for long duration hours, the mixed-reality headset too eyes to be comfortable enough, which is why it’s expected to weigh just 150 grams, a report by the analyst says.

Software of Apple’s Reality Pro

Expecting to be the next generation’s iPhone, Apple seems to be so confident about its headset, approaches the big-tech with a separate operating system and names it ‘xrOS’, and will pack a modified Mac-level M2 Chip. The display of the gadget will be equipped with highest resolution ever featured. Meta’s Quest Pro 2 VR headset which costs $1500 offers a resolution of 1920 x 1800 pixels and that of Apple’s headset will incorporate 4000 x 4000 in each eye, report from Display Supply Chain Consultants mentions.

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The report also delineates that the device will have 3 displays, out of which one will be AMOLED unit and the other two will be micro-LEDs. The AMOLED display will be built for peripheral vision and will feature a lower resolution since pixel density will not be vital for it.

Eye and hand-tracking gestures could also be there in the device, the patents show. It’s not completely over. Apple still has more to do with the Mixed-Reality Headset.

Video Service & Apps for Reality Pro

Apple is looking to build a video service for the headset featuring 3D content that can be played in virtual reality. This would follow the company’s 2020 acquisition of NextVR, which partnered with artists and professional sports leagues to transmit VR content to headsets.

iWork productivity apps like Pages, Keynote, Notes and News apps also comes to the headset, catching the sight of professionals too. Productivity clearly hasn’t been a winning selling point for Apple’s rivals in the space, but it’s certainly a key component of any new AR/VR platform—as long as it’s not the sole focus. 

Next in features is FaceTime. Apple Reality Pro will be able to render both the person’s face and body in a virtual environment. In this case, two people can have real world FaceTime conversations in the virtual world. This will feel just like the person stands next to you in real world.

 It will also come with an external battery pack that will be connected via a USB cable. The user may have to keep the battery pack in the pocket when wearing the headset. The battery pack will have the size of two iPhone 14 Pro Max batteries put together and it can last for a maximum of two hours.

That’s all we know in and out about the headset.

Oh, yeah! Another thing too, the price of the headset.

Price of Apple Reality Pro

Apple could kick off the mass production of headsets in the second half of 2023, wherein Pegatron (apple’s supplier) will be handling that with estimated annual shipments of 0.5 million units. As apple adds plenty of features into the glass, obviously the price is not expected to settle down, even at the price of costliest iPhones, and will be around $2000 to $3000 (₹1.63 lakhs – ₹2.45 lakhs). Apple is currently expected to have an announcement event in January 2023.

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