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Augmented Reality (AR) & its use in Apple Glass

The future sees with immense enrichments and opportunities at the advent of climbing technology enhancements. In fact, can you believe that you and I too can experience ‘Jarvis’, like the way Ironman made for him? Well that’s an example of Augmented Reality and for your information, Apple lets it accessible to each of the being. This blog oversees with it. The devoir is in this tech-era, one must just need to explore the information and knowledge, to invest in himself, resulting for a smooth lifestyle.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is the part of science and technology that simulates virtual objects (or the virtual world) in the real-world and caters an interactive experience of a real-world environment along with the virtual objects. They do so by the software-generated perceptual information or modalities that lets the vision of experiencing virtual objects and interacting with it, through a hardware. AR can also incorporate multiple sensory viz visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.

AR can be symbolically stated as that feature that fulfils: combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction and accurate 3D view of real and virtual objects. The technology is just like putting in front of you, the needs and enhancements that can be aiding to exalt the experience. For instance, if one needs to view a piece of information for 5 minutes continuously, conventionally he has to print the info in pit-paper or in mobiles. But AR avails the info to be clogged in your eye-view (as a part) for your time. This credits to a precursor technology to AR, developed at first for pilots in 1950s for projecting flight data on to their sight, so they need not check on it, every time. This indicates that piece of information, is virtually made available to your real sight of view. This is how AR works.

Difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is often mismatched with the Virtual Reality and to be precise, these two are face to face genres of the technology, completely 1800. Augmented Reality is the technology wherein artificial objects are simulated in the real environment while Virtual reality is simulating the environment itself. Virtual Reality positions the user itself in the virtual world and getting him immersed in it. Virtual Reality creates the whole environment, where the user can feel and interact with virtual world more realistically like the real world. In this aspect, the user responds to the environment.
In Augmented Reality, it renders the 3D graphics as they would appear from the viewpoint of the camera, superimposing the computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real world. Here, the device enabling the augmented reality makes the environment to respond as per the user’s convenience.

Understanding AR

Understanding Augmented Reality, the way it works can be easily get upon by a classified view of its functioning, hardware and software.


The hardware is that physical part which enables to view and interpret the virtual objects incorporated in the real world. If provided with processor, display, sensor and input facility, any device could act as hardware for creating virtual objects. The hardware simply analyses the environment and spaces through sensors and inputs the data to the software and to the end, receives the created virtual objects and projects it to the eye-view.

While even mobiles stance as a hardware, some advanced releases of AR hardwares are head-mounted display (HMD), head-up display (HUD), virtual retinal display (VRD) and to the best, contact lenses. Many of the mobile applications, started using AR, as for instance, as Snapchat does it by creating different postures of human face.


Software is the key element driving AR to possibility. The study of how software behaves in an AR is seen as two stages. One and the first is deriving the real-world co-ordinates, independent of camera by a process called image registration. Through hardware, it collects the interest points or fiducial markers of the real world. While it is done so, by many feature detection or digital image processing methods ( corner detection, blob detection, edge detection or thresholding).

The last stage is the fixation of the virtually created objects in the real-world to the best fit, ensuring with the data collected and creating a real-view of the combined virtual and real world. It creates 3D objects by mathematical methods, modelling and simulation to fit into the world. By this way, it senses, creates and restores the real world with the artificial objects.

How Apple Glass incorporated AR?

Well, the next great carve of the AR technology is profound in APPLE GLASSES. Apple, never disenchants us through its products, comes up with the AR empowered APPLE GLASSES.

Apple Glass not only just pose as a usual spectacle but also includes the enhanced view of the real world through AR technology. Besides sleek and stylish, it incorporates Lidar Sensor for detecting the real-world and scrutinizing it. The glass as other apple devices, is connected to iphones and puts the notifications and other metrics that appears in the mobile to the real-view. The user can too interact with the virtually posed notifications by hand gestures and even voice commands. This is how Apple Glass excites us.

The other fascinating feature of the glass is that it equips embedded displays in each lens, creating crisper visuals and immersive experience unlike Google glass which use projected ones. Undoubtedly, these enhancements are the intends to have its basic price at $499.


We as humans are exposed to every upbeats of the technology and maneuver it for our expectations. The more we incorporate into our minds, the more likely we often fantasize the technology and its heirs (for engineers & tech-stuffed persons). But the spell is not so, for many of the people. The increase of technology involvements in our life, ushers us to remember less and go crazy. While technology is just to lead our thoughts and enhance our living, kindly don’t persuade as an addict. The reason to mark this in the blog is just to call the mind of how a person was devastated of playing Pokemon Go and how, many youngsters are crazed of using Snapchat.


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