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This Creepy AI site “PimEyes” finds every photo of you in online, Try it here

Facial recognition service Pimeyes

A new creepy AI website has surfaced in social media, due to its unique purpose of finding every photo of you that exists in online.

Amidst many useful websites that serves various benefits to people, a new facial recognition website is capable of finding every photo of you on the internet and is been slammed as “most disturbing AI website”. Called as “PimEyes”, the website is like the advanced version of Google’s image-search tool.

With just a single upload of your photo, you can find all other places on internet, where your photo has been published.

PimEyes – Stalker’s dream?

PimEyes is an advanced facial recognition search engine that empowers its users to conduct image-based searches. The AI website – PimEyes, with the unique approach aims to let know people if their pictures are been used without their consent. That’s the motive behind designing and developing such a website, writes PimEyes.

As privacy becomes a great concern now, the site touts the importance of knowing where and how a person’s picture is displayed online. However, users see it as a perfect tool for stalkers. For example, you randomly click a person whom you find attractive in public, and you’ll get to know their details, history with the pictures.

People find it cool and scary. A user said that the website found two images of him, one being him as a child 15 years ago. It works on the other-side as well. When a user uploaded a 9-year-old pic of himself, the site gave adult pictures of him. “It actually works quite well,” said one user.

The site could be used to find missing children reports. PimEyes emphasizes that the feature is only for individual application and any search pertaining to other individuals is strictly prohibited.

Is it free? Where to use it?

PimEyes at times also show the doppelgangers, as it confuses with facial elements like eyebrows, beard, and specs of people. When I tried, it did the same. None of the pictures it showed was me. You can also try the feature in its website for free.

You just need to upload or take a picture of yours and hit search. It’ll then give you multiple pics of you or your doppelgangers, people who are alike you. PimEyes provide 10 free searchers after which you may have to pay $30 to $300 per month, based on depth of search you want.

What do you think of this PimEyes? Would you try this?

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