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This new AI Wearable by Apple’s Ex employees can kill Smartphones

AI powered Wearable

An AI wearable developed by former Apple employees aims to supersede smartphones, by a new approach of ditching screens and making technology invisible.

Technology drastically enhanced the computing power of systems over years and decades, which enabled to minimize the size of the device considerably yet be ultimately powerful. And in future, the device will be nowhere, or there will not be any screens to distract you. Instead, everything will be “screenless, seamless and sensing”, says this wearable’s co-founder, who had recently elaborated about the technology in a TED Talk.

US-based firm Humane developed this artificial intelligence-powered wearable which projects information onto the user’s hands like an AR element, visible in the naked eye.

Humane Wearable

Many people have cultivated the habit of check their smartphones often, if notification pops or sometimes for nothing. It is possibly one of the concerning distractions in the modern era. Humane aims to address this matter by a new approach of ditching screens with a voice-activated assistant that projects everything from calls to texts to notifications onto user’s hands.

Humane’s Co-founder Imran Chaudhri, who is also a former Apple employee showcased the wearable, where he worn it on the shirt near to the pocket-area, and an incoming call appears from nowhere onto his palm. He attends the call by voice command, talks to his wife and ends the call. And all these happens without any screen-space. Chaudhri developed this wearable along with Bethany Bongiorno, who is also a former Apple employee.

“Future is even more intelligent and even more personal,” writes the company’s website.

The AI powered wearable is deployed to interact with the world along with the user, hearing what you hear, seeing what you see, to put everything seamlessly connected and easy to fetch. “While being privacy first, and safe, and completely fading into the background of your life,” adds Chaudhri.

Humane’s AI will eventually help to simplify communication and can translate your speech to other languages organically, which might help greatly on travelling, when you visit other countries. In a demo, the video has Humane translating Chaudhri’s speech to French in matter of seconds.

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Pros & Cons

“If we get this right, AI will unlock a world of possibility. Today, I want to share what we think is a solution. And it’s the first time we’re doing so openly. It’s a new kind of wearable device and platform that’s built entirely from the ground up for artificial intelligence. And it’s completely standalone. You don’t need a smartphone or any other device to pair with it,” Chaudhri expands.

Humane can read out loud everything that notifies – calls, texts, and emails and will also be your personal assistant. However, it’s not sure, if this wearable can pull out everything in a smartphone such as daily usable apps, games and more. It will make calling easy, but not sure of ‘chatting’; will facilitate capturing pictures and videos, but has no screen to watch it, unless relied on another device with screen.

Anyhow, it will prevent a part of us that keeps on checking our smartphones, as it believes “technology will be ambient and contextual in the future”, not the one that distracts. The wearable is still in the developmental phase and the firm had no comments about the arrival of Humane.

Watch fully Imran Chaudhri’s talk about “Humane”:

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