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Samsung unveils its own gen AI – “Gauss” that generates text, code & image

Samsung joins the rat-race of creating a generative AI model of its own, by developing “Gauss” which will power the firm’s several on-device AI technologies.

The race of AI tech keeps on extending, with many new firms entering the track. Just after Elon Musk’s xAI announced its new AI tool “Grok”, Samsung introduces its own generative AI model, which the company eyes to equip in its smartphones, even in the chip-level.

Samsung Gauss, developed by Samsung Research team, might foster the firm in achieving this. Samsung is driving for a paradigm shift in AI, by incorporating the tech across its devices.

Samsung Gauss

The generative AI model of Samsung – Gauss is set to proffer three features: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image.

Samsung Gauss Language is a large language model that works similarly like ChatGPT – understanding the questions of users and generating appropriate answers. Thus, it can help you with composing emails, summarizing documents and translating content.

Samsung Gauss Code along with code.i, which is a coding assistant based on it, helps developers to code easily and quickly. Gauss code will support functions such as code description and test case generation through an interactive interface.

Samsung Gauss Image is the image-generating AI model of the firm, for creating and editing images. Gauss Image can also stylize images and convert low-resolution images to high-resolution.

Samsung plans to deploy Gauss in all its devices including phones, tables and laptops, to make the company’s smart devices a bit smarter. For instance, Gauss language can supplement your writing in messages, emails; while Gauss Image can make your pictures look better. Indeed, deploying AI in smartphones could leverage Samsung in providing a better user experience to people.

Qualcomm recently announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, supporting on-device GAI operations. Samsung likely to use this chip in its upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

Currently, Samsung tests Gauss within its employees and will be rolling out to public in the near future, though the date is not yet announced. As AI is prone to errors and misinformation, Samsung develops AI Red Team, to strengthen the ability to proactively eliminate and monitor security and privacy issues that may arise in the entire process of interacting with AI, the firm said.

User-base of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard had reached 180 million and 140 million per month respectively in this year and is expected to grow even further to billions. Reasoning to this increasing potential, companies start stepping into the AI market for staying on the track.

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