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Best Samsung Student Discounts & Offers that Students & their Family should Avail in India

Student phase of Life is the best period of Life, not just for enjoyment but indeed for offers, incentives that you get from your parents, grandparents and few companies too. Likely as Apple’s Student Discounts, here comes another top-firm proffering the best deals for students, cutting the cost exclusively for university students – “Samsung Student Discount”.

Samsung’s Discount deals for students is profound in its laptops, computers and TVs, or simply products which are above 60,000+ and one should not miss the offer, if you had been foreseeing to buy a related product. It offers a massive cut up to ₹40,000 for some of its high-end products that are above ₹1Lakh.

This page will get you into the intricate details of eligibility, comparison of prices of the products and how to avail the products under Student discount sales.


Any student aged above 18, pursuing in university either as undergraduate or post-graduate will be eligible for student buyouts from Samsung, including their parents. One has to verify with Samsung that he/she is a student by logging in with the ‘.edu’ email-id provided by the University or college.

You can get it signed-in with your college email-id here.

Hack: Interestingly, students can get these benefits even if they are no longer a student – passed-outs, unless they have their email-id accessible.

Here are the best-deals you can get from Samsung’s Student Advantage program.

Best Deals and Offers for Students

Samsung avails Student discounts of 10% for all of its products – smartphone, laptops, tablets and even TVs, unlike Apple which only has for the same for its MacBook, iMacs, & iPads. The discount is maximum for a range of products priced a lakh INR and above, wherein Samsung announces discounts that reaches to almost ₹40,000. For instance, its 65” Neo 4K QLED smart TV is priced originally at ₹2,59,999 and under students-offer you can get the TV at ₹2,17,000.

Parents can leverage the offer for buying home-appliances, if they have any children studying in university or college. The offers are best for its laptops, computers and TVs, moderate for tablets and low for its mid-range smartphones. The firm also includes the following advantage.

Free ADLD – Samsung Care+: ADLD stands for Accidental Damage & Liquid Damage Protection, meaning you can get hardware or software repairs, due to physical damage or water damage of the product at free of cost of up to ₹7,000, under its student-plan. The free Samsung care also covers battery replacements (within 1-year) and the ADLD is valid only for 1 year from the date of purchase of the product.

Comparison of Prices

Product NameOriginal PriceDiscounted Price for StudentsOther Offers
Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 i7, 15.6”, 16GB₹1,27,000₹1,20,891No Cost EMI;
₹5,000 Cashback on HDFC Credit Card (/Debit Card for EMI alone);
Microsoft Office for Lifetime  
Galaxy Book2 – i7, 15.6”, 16GB₹76,490₹72,531No Cost EMI;
₹4,000 Cashback on HDFC Credit Card (/Debit Card for EMI alone;
Microsoft Office for Lifetime
Galaxy Tab S8 – WiFi, 8GB, 128GB₹57,000₹54,869No Cost EMI;
₹7,000 Cashback on all Cards’ EMI or Credit Card full swipe;
Free ADLD Insurance
Galaxy Tab A8 – WiFi, 4GB, 64GB₹16,999₹16,149No Cost EMI;
₹2,000 Cashback on HDFC Credit Card;
Free ADLD Insurance
Samsung Galaxy S22 (8GB, 128GB)₹67,999₹66,029No Cost EMI
₹ 8,000 Cashback on all cards’ EMI or Credit Card Full swipe
Free ADLD Insurance
Galaxy Buds2 worth ₹11,999 at ₹2,999.
Galaxy Z Fold 4 (12GB, 256GB)₹1,54,998₹1,43,219No Cost EMI
₹8,000 Cashback on all Cards’ EMI or Credit Card full swipe
Free ADLD Insurance
Galaxy A73 5G (8GB, 128GB)₹41,999₹38,329No Cost EMI
Free ADLD Insurance
Galaxy Buds2 worth ₹6,990 at ₹1,999 (limited period)
Samsung Neo 55” QN95B QLED 4K Smart TV₹1,94,990₹1,58,990No Cost EMI
10% Cashback on ICICI Bank Card EMI (Credit/Debit)
Samsung 55” Q70B QLED 4K Smart TV₹99,990₹92,990No Cost EMI
10% Cashback on ICICI Bank Card EMI (Credit/Debit)
Comparison of Prices for Samsung Student Discounts

As you can see from the table above, the higher the price of the product, the larger the discount is. And TVs above ₹ 1Lakh get a huge price-cut under the ‘Student advantage’. So, if a student’s family is considering to buy a new Smart TV from Samsung, it’s best to go with the ward’s university email-id account.

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How to Avail the Samsung Student Advantage Discounts?

Online: Samsung makes it simple and easy for people to get the student advantages. All you have to do is get onto its student-site, sign up with your email-id and get it verified, and enjoy shopping in the Samsung world.

Students can also get verified with UNiDAYS to avail the same.

Offline: You can head to Samsung’s Exclusive Store nearby in your city with your Student ID-card for accessing the benefit.

The price of the products appears to be much-lower than the original for some of the products, which you can compare by checking in the Samsung’s normal website. We had indeed compared the prices of few flagship smartphones, top-end laptops and TVs above for you.

Also, be informed that some of its products though seems to be offered at reduced prices, they are actually discount-marketing – means the product’s prices are claimed to be higher to get you manipulated that the offer is huge. Check with the product’s price in amazon or flipkart for better clarity of the price-tags.


1. Purchases made under Student Advantage program of Samsung have few limitations:

2. One cannot replace the product for a new one after placing the order, unless the product is damaged before opening the box.

3. A placed order cannot be cancelled.

4. Samsung’s Free ADLD Insurance not comes straight from Samsung. Free Samsung Care+ is offered with select devices is provided by Servify (subject to terms and conditions). The insurance certificate will be sent by Servify within 10 days of device delivery on the email ID used for the transaction. For any issues related to ADLD insurance users are advised to follow up directly with Servify on 1800 123 333 88 or Hence, Samsung won’t be responsible for ADLD Insurance.

Now, check out Apple’s Student discounts too!

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