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ChatGPT is now put into Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog: Where is it heading?

Spot Robot with ChatGPT

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog called “Spot” is now ChatGPT-powered, letting the dog to communicate about what it’s doing & understand the commands.

We all know that OpenAI’s ChatGPT had incited an AI war in the tech-world, with companies started to incorporate or build one-of-the-kind AI, for effectivity and time-saving capabilities, which might replace humans as well. The birth of ChatGPT doesn’t necessarily mean the AI is swirling around, but is evolving around. Roads are being laid now, and the destination seems appalling if it’s constructed or directed in the right way.

The roads have now reached to the integration with a robot dog, Spot, enabling it to talk, and communicate with people.

ChatGPT + Robot Dog ‘Spot’

A team of programmers has blended ChatGPT with Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot, that provided a new dimension for the Spot to prospect and feedback.

Santiago Valdarrama, a machine learning engineer, tweeted about the successful integration, which allows the robot to answer queries about its missions in real-time, making Spot to literally talk with people about its progress of work, boosting its data query efficiency. Spot is also equipped with Google’s Text-to-speech modulation for the robot to speak.

“We can now ask the robots about past and future missions and get an answer in real-time.” Valdarrama said in a tweet. “ChatGPT interprets the question, parses the files, and formulates the answer,” he added. So, the robot dog is no longer ‘Spot’ but, ‘SpotGPT‘.

ChatGPT gives life & speech to the robot with the integration, authorizing the ability to provide feedback, convert commands into thoughtful actions which may widen greater possibilities in upcoming days. It’s like ‘they know what they are doing’.

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How far will it go?

The merge of Spot robot’s capabilities with ChatGPT’s intelligence amazed the internet and would lead to potential breakthroughs in the field of robotics. However, not knowing or defining a safe path for the future of this integration of AI with robotics may misdirect the plan or idea that’s existing now. It’s now possible to use ChatGPT’s API for developing a new tool with the power of AI, and chaosGPT, agentGPT, roomGPT are some of its results.

ChaosGPT had embarked a talk in the twitter and in other social media, with its statement of destroying humanity. Though it’s true that AI can’t kickstart an idea on its own, and whatever happened was made out of a human’s thought, this could become the source for emerge of ravaging kind-of AI when people tweak it for their own advantage.

And with capabilities of robots of Boston Dynamics’, which could perform gun-firings and submachine gun firings, it’s alarming to foresee what the future might hold. Relying on the hopes of positivity will not help here, but developing a meticulously constructed rules, regulations and guidelines for the AI integration do. Though Microsoft published design guidelines for ChatGPT’s integration with robots, it’s not enough.

As Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said, governments should come forward and take initiatives to collaboratively construct guidelines for AI that would lead the technology’s path in a right way, uplifting humans and society.

Do you think, AI with robots could be a concern in future?

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