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Ready to wear Smart Underwear in Future?

As your home, watches, glasses, contact lenses and even the tattoo you wear, are becoming smart, the time has come where even your undergarments and bras are gonna be smart! It might seem silly and weird and plenty of pop-up questions may be hindering your mind. But the truth remains the same.

The award-winning smart textile company, Myant, has been working on its Skiin connected Health & Wellness system that aims to embed biometric sensors to your clothing, for examining & listing out certain health details directly to your phone.

Smart Underwear & Bras

Generally, biometric sensors need a close skin-to-skin contact for tracking the required parameters and these sensors are affixed to the clothes as they hold the best contact with the human body. And can you think any other cloth that fits tight & best than inner wears?

These clothes are ideal candidates for smart wearables, and it gives the word smarty-pants a whole new meaning.

The tech is similar to Google and Levi’s Jacquard jacket: an array of sensors are woven into the fabric and each undergarment is powered by a small, rechargeable module that can be removed from the clothing and charged wirelessly.

Myant Skiin’s bras and underwear embeds six biometric sensors, thus providing a continuous connection to the human body to keep tracks on health and wellness. The bras and underwear measures heart-rate, stress level, sleep quality, activity, temperature, stationary time and feeds the information back to the linked Skiin app – as same as the work your smartwatches claim to do (but they’re not in touch with you 24/7).

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The fed information analyses the data and provides you suggestions about lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing. Moreover, smart underwear could even detect your slip and fall, track ovulation and monitor driver fatigue.

Myant didn’t stop with this. The textile firm envisions its underwear to be programmed to do tasks on your phone, based on your mood. For example, playing soothing music when it gets your stress levels, connects with your smart-home and lowers the room’s temperature if your workout is warming you up and tampering you via a notification to get out of your lazy zone if you’ve spent too much time in idling. It takes tech’s intimacy in human’s life to a whole different level.

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If you are able to overcome the ‘weird’ factor, that you have to charge your inner-garments, besides buying it for $70 ($279 for four-pack), Skiin could provide you a 24/7 health track on your body, notifying each and when an absurd metamorphosis happens, the company says.

The company says it’s also exploring integrations with game developers, which would automatically adjust gameplay based on the player’s stress levels.
Our surroundings and environment are getting smarter than we are! Is it a leverage or overdoing of technology?

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