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Google unveils ‘.meme’ domain for showcasing your Memes & thoughts

Google now lets you to register a ‘.meme’ domain, likely as ‘.edu’ or ‘.in’ where people can create a profile for their memes and express themselves via memes and so on.

As memes are the embodiment of internet culture, capturing the eyeballs, hearts and minds of millions of people, Google brands it as a top-level domain in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the internet. Content creators, meme creators and people can create a .meme domain to create a portfolio of their memes, and make them available in Google search.

What does .Meme domain means?

Generally, websites have a suffix what they call as domains. One of the commonly used domain is ‘.com’, and these domains represent a unique motive based on what it delivers. For instance, .com refers to ‘commercial’ and is used by companies and organizations worldwide. Similarly, educational institutes take up the ‘.edu’ domain and governments hold ‘.gov’ domain and so on.

In that aspect, Google now adds ‘.meme’ domain for expressing thoughts and words with a funny meme. Google already sees handful of websites embracing the .meme domain –,,,,, and

10PM Curfew, one of the world’s largest female lifestyle, beauty, wellness and fashion networks collides their vibes with funny memes on and Rudy Willingham, an artist joined the .meme with his ‘’ to share printable stickers so anyone can create real-life memes.

There are other registrars too for different purposes – Tenor’s and lets you to find, share and create memes in simplest way; to allow people licensing their famous memes. Doge, disaster girl, drowning kid, coffin dance are few licensed memes in the site.

People could get .meme domains at a base annual price through your registrar of choice. The .meme domains are now available for registration as part of Google’s Early Access Period (EAP) for an additional one-time fee. You can register a .meme domain during this EAP in

Google Registry already has a roster of unconventional domain names, like .dad, .boo, and even the recently released .ing, but .meme is arguably the wackiest of the bunch.

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