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This Holographic AI Companion ‘Uncle Rabbit’ brings life to ChatGPT: Watch

A new holographic AI companion powered by ChatGPT talks to you like smart assistants, and even sings for you, bringing life to the AI.

When there isn’t a physical form to something, we don’t connect with it much often. And maybe that’s why Gods have a form to make people comfortable to talk to. People have the need to be listened, and talked, as it feels good to have a companion always. Technology had been a good friend to humans and AI is the new tech-friend for humans in the modern era. People had started asking intimate, secret questions to AI, which they aren’t comfortable to ask their friends or family.

The latest OpenAI’s ChatGPT had been assisting the users in various ways, from being a tutor to earning money out of it. In a recent attempt, a firm brought life and a physical form to ChatGPT, by using holographic display called “Uncle Rabbit”, where users can converse with the AI much like a friend.

Looking Glass’s ‘Uncle Rabbit’

New York-based company committed to holographic technology innovations called ‘Looking Glass’ in its recent attempt revealed, “Uncle Rabbit”, a smart holographic display powered by ChatGPT AI.

Uncle Rabbit is a talking-tom like companion for humans, who can communicate, talk and understand the language in real time with humans and might also complete tasks of owner’s requests.

As it is equipped by ChatGPT AI, the rabbit can answer any questions you ask to it and will be your desktop assistant while you do your tasks. In a demo, a person asks the rabbit to finish the next line of a song, and the rabbit instantly responded the lyrics of the song in a conversational tone.

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Smarter than Voice Assistants

Unlike typical voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant or Siri, which are capable only to provide information, and perform tasks when asked, Uncle Rabbit can also hold a conversation with a person, learn from the person and improving its own skill set, as it is AI-equipped.

In another demo, when the user asked about ‘Looking Glass’, the rabbit thought user was asking about a mirror, but with a further explanation, Uncle Rabbit could able to differentiate Looking Glass as mirror and company.

While having all these conversations, the AI had repeatedly insisted of it’s actions, usually like a chat to make the users convenient to talk to.

Looking Glass’s holographic portrait displays are already available in its website. However, the ChatGPT-equipped version hadn’t yet rolled out and the firm had not yet described further details about the Uncle Rabbit.

AI Companion Robots

AI companions are getting prevalent these days, and companies had started incorporating it with robots for giving a pet-like feel to humans. Just like this desktop AI pet robot called ‘Emo’ that finds space in many households’ table.

Developed by LivingAI, Emo plays music when you ask him to play, do dance movements and keep you updated about the weather. He is programmed to feel your touch, with sensors on his head, and in return will entertain you with 1000+ face reactions on its screen. For instance, he makes a smirky smile for a nice pat on the head, like any pet.

And amazing things are awaiting if ChatGPT powers this Emo Robot.

What you think of this AI companions and pet robots? Do humans need these tech-friends?

Drop your thoughts in the comments…

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Looking Glass CEO testing out the Uncle Rabbit.
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