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Humanoid Robot – Ameca now express all kinds of Human Emotions realistically

One of the World’s foremost humanoid robots – “Ameca” is designed enough to express all kinds of human emotions realistically in its face, including anger, happiness and sadness.

Developing robots and AI to be like humans, mimicking the abilities and complex neural functioning is what technology strives to achieve over years. With a foremost motive to replace humans in specific areas, the robots are taking the form of a human, touching feats like reproducing, tasting the food, working as a team and so on. Robots had managed up to read human emotions too, by visually understanding the human’s face reactions.

In line with the context, a cutting-edge technology of humanoid-robot called ‘Ameca’ can now express all kinds of human emotions by itself, that looks creepy but real.

To the wonders that if a robot could mimic human face expressions realistically, Ameca expresses disbelief, disgust, pain, satisfaction and regret. A new video released by Ameca’s maker Engineered Art depicts them.

All About Ameca

Ameca is the world’s most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology.

Bringing Ameca as an innovative, reliable, modular, upgradable and easy to develop kind of robot, Engineered Arts wants the robot to be perfect for human-robot interaction.

Ameca is built on a software called ‘tritium’, refined over 12 years and is designed to be operatable remotely, can understand any coding language, and interacts good with people, as what it is made for (that’s what we know until now). Equipping AI for performing different tasks and symbolizing the face-reactions, Ameca is an advancement to the Mesmer robot, the firm says.

The modules of Ameca run independently, meaning even an arm can be hired and made to perform a work. It detects people, track their faces, with its camera embedded on each of its eyes.

Expression Queen – Ameca

Tagline-d as ‘Future Face of Robotics’, Ameca is devised to be more realistic in behaving and while conversing with humans. For that, Ameca is seen moving its hand, gesturing around, posturing as a human.

In the video’s background, a person can be seen watching a Tesla Humanoid Robot dancing, before switching after a while.

All these apart, Engineered Arts had not yet confronted on what Ameca is going to be like, or what full-fledged Ameca will be capable of, other than expressing human emotions on its face.

Revealed to the public last year, Engineered Arts lets anyone to avail the robot for purchase, (however the price has not yet mentioned) or as an event-rental.

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Though, Ameca emblematize as the future of human-shaped humanoid robot, intricate details of its features and capabilities are untold clearly.

Possibly, future may detail what this futuristic robot might be doing.

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Gestures by Humanoid Robot ‘Ameca’
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