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First E-Bike with ChatGPT “Urtopia” eases your Ride using AI: Watch

Urtopia e-bike with AI

World’s first Electric bike with ChatGPT integration comes into picture, as Urtopia unveils its Fusion E-bikes that has a ChatGPT voice assistant.

World is not the same as it was, after the commence of ChatGPT. Almost every sectors have been incorporating the new generative-AI tech into their industries for enhancing the user-experience by assisting them efficiently. After knocking the doors of search-engine, smartphone, applications, health realms and so on, now ChatGPT has reached the transportation sector.

In latest, a Hong Kong based company “Urtopia” announced its first e-bike with ChatGPT onboard, for enhancing the riding experience and the regards by using AI. The bike would also converse with you. And it gets interesting.

First AI-enabled E-Bike

We all know the functionalities of ChatGPT – being able to probe into the internet and make appropriate answers that fits better for the questions. Well, the purpose of equipping AI into e-bike is to enhance the user’s ride by making it immersive and conversational. Just like talking with an onboard assistant, ChatGPT on the e-bike can help you in finding destinations and answer to any questions.

Nicknamed as “bicycle with a mind” by the startup, it says the e-bike is a fusion of technology and art. The e-bike seamlessly blends ChatGPT, ensuring that safety and control are not compromised while conversing with the e-bike during the travel.

Apart from the AI, the e-bike connects with Apple Health and Strava too, syncing your cycling data with the health apps. This provides coherency with your rides and health. Further, the AI analyzes the real-time riding data, fine-tuning the bike’s settings to maximize the efficiency on long rides.

Specs of the E-Bike

Urtopia showcases three models of Fusion – Chord, Chord X and Carbon 1, with first two offering 120 km range and Carbon 1 running for 100km long range for a full-charge. While all the three gets charged fully in 2.5 hours, the Carbon 1 has a top speed of 16 mph (25 kmph), and Chord model goes up to 20 mph (32 kmph).

The inclusion of the AI technology hikes the price of e-bikes, costing €3,299 ($3618 / ₹2.98 lakhs) for Carbon 1, and €2,299 ($2521 / ₹2.08 lakhs) for Chord models.

Urtopia has already started accepting bookings, with 14-day returns policy and 2 year warranty. You can look through the ChatGPT e-bikes HERE.

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