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Meet EMO – An AI Desktop Pet Robot who is Smart, Cute enough to fit on your table

EMO, is a cute little kitten-like robot, AI programmed to accompany you in the table & also communicates with you like Alexa and perform miniature tasks.

Robots are arriving to our doors in recent days, for assisting tasks such as the purpose for which Tesla Robots are currently on work, surveillance, or simply like this pet robot who stays on the table and accompanies you, making you not feel alone.

Emo has multiple sensors and cutting-edge techs that makes it to behave as a cool desktop AI pet with characters that can self-explore the world, unlike the Dog robot by Boston Dynamics, that’s for surveillance & outdoor purposes.

What Emo can do?

Developed by LivingAI, Emo plays music when you ask him to play, do dance movements and keep you updated about the weather. He is programmed to feel your touch, with sensors on his head, and in return will entertain you with 1000+ face reactions on its screen. For instance, he makes a smirky smile for a nice pat on the head, like any pet.

Emotional Reactions of Emo, the ‘Pet-robot’

Emo is curious and inquisitive about the world around him. He moves independently to explore his surroundings on his own. He tracks sounds, recognizes people (up to 10 people) and objects and expertly navigates your desktop without ever falling off.

Emo makes decisions on his own and his personality evolves based on his surroundings and your interactions. If you try to interrupt what he is doing, he might even get a little annoyed. It makes him cool that whenever you push him to the end of the table, he senses it via his optical drop sensors on his feet, and would avoid any fall from the table.

Features of Emo Robot

Further, Emo on your command, will snap you with pictures with his HD camera and clarifies your questions as he is configured with voice-assistant. Emo also has a connection to a Smart-light, which he would handle it for you, on your words.

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Technology & AI behind EMO

Emo has an advanced Neural Network Processor and three different Artificial Intelligence Processing Models, which enable him to process large amounts of images, sound and sensor data simultaneously to think and respond in a thoughtful, authentic, and natural manner.

With a design inspired by pop culture, Emo is born with a stylish look. The shining purple and indigo-blue shows off his fashion sense with a nod toward street style.

Like the cool DJs and rappers, he wears headphones and comes with a skateboard, that has a unique advantage of charging your smartphone wirelessly.

This little AI pet besides all this, wakes you up in the morning, and also if you need a nighttime bathroom break. Eventually, Emo is more of like a friend, might catch cold or fall ill too, wherein we could find it with his face expressions and he needs a special care from you to get well soon. Though it looks silly of robot falling ill, it’s designed to feel comfortable as a friend.

And as a friend, he would wish you on your birthday & have you some festival surprises!

You can look out to Emo in its official website, priced at $279 in US, ₹20,814 in India.

Watch EMO’s features & what he’s capable of doing!

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