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This Gaming Headset scans your brainwaves and notifies your weaknesses

One of the vital wearables wore by most of the people, headsets / earphones not just enchant you with songs hereafter. As days gets smarter, things around us also elicit smartness. And now headphones have been equipped to scan your brainwaves and intimate your strengths and weaknesses while you play games with headphones on. ‘Gaming improves your mental health’, in precise ‘competitive gaming’. Competitive gaming pushes oneself to make decisions instantly, pools focus and hence enhances cognitive functions such as IQ, memory, information retention and problem solving, unless gamers manage their stress and pressure. This leaves a core reason to evaluate one’s brain strength and weaknesses while gaming.

“Could there be any chances to uplift a gamer’s gaming ability and thereby indirectly affecting one’s mental strength?” turns out to be the key element behind MindRove, a company headed by Ph.D. neuroscientist Gergely Marton.

NeuroLeet – Brain training wearable

NeuroLeet designed by MindRove serves as a brain training wearable by transmuting gaming headset into an EEG (Electroencephalogram) based brain sensing headset.

NeuroLeet displays as a simple & small gadget-like device that can be affixed to any headset and finesses EEG neurofeedback technology, for mustering your strengths and weaknesses while you game.

Featuring as two components: a device and an app, NeuroLeet intimates you about your brain activity and help to achieve “improved brain performance”. The app analyzes your game, develops brain patterns and compiles a full report on brain performance scrutinizing how well you have chicken dinner. This concludes to identify users’ mental strengths and weaknesses.

NeuroLeet feedbacks the real time brainwave and uses gyros and machine learning algorithms to detect or recognize your emotional states, and thus helps in managing stress levels and concentration. The app, on view of your gaming performance, and sensing your brainwaves, caters you interactive personalized training sessions, wherein users could grow up from their weak areas and get strongest in their plus points.

Launched as indiegogo project, NeuroLeet is compatible with Windows 10 and costs $224 with shipping promised from September 2021.

Neurofeedback device for Medical

There are too other companies focusing on the core schema, ‘neurofeedback’ using EEG, but approaching in terms of medical & health as meditation, insomnia and ADHD treatment. Neurofeedback helps with a wide range of conditions, like sleep disorders, addiction, seizures, ADHD, mood disorders, autism, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraines, and more. Hospitals around the world have implemented Neurofeedback technology for therapy purposes.

When learning how to ride a bike, you learned how to balance through making small adjustments and feeling the feedback of balance or falling. Eventually, with enough feedback and practice time, your brain learned how to ride a bike. Neurofeedback works in exactly the same way.

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Márton stressed that the technology is based on demonstrable, functioning tech that is already being used for training in the real world. However, he noted that the gaming application is still novel. “As a scientist, I must add that a rigorous, independently peer-reviewed scientific study for this particular neurofeedback application — [meaning] gaming — is still down the line,” he said.

Could this deliver its promised goal? If it’s genuinely able to do so, the NeuroLeet could be a massive boon to competitive gamers everywhere.

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