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Google makes Smart Lamp and Bluetooth Headphones, but You Can’t Buy it – Here’s Why!

Google, first dedicated itself as a search-engine gradually expanded itself over years, and now there’s not a field that Google is not involved in. Exploiting technology, the tech giant had cultivated itself to proffer many products and services. Apart from launching smartphones, so called Google Pixel Phones, Google was / is also into making Bluetooth headphones and smart-lamps in 2017 & 2022. However, you can’t able to buy any of them. Here’s why…

Google Smart Lamp

If you are looking up for the Smart Lamp made by Google in any of its store or market, you’ll end up disappointed. Google had created one, but it’s only for employees, as reported by 9to5Google. Google designer Ben Gold tweeted out an image of the lamp, cleverly called the dLight, noting it “will likely never be for sale outside of the company.”

Unlikely the traditional lamps, this dLight looks white-ish enough to doubt oneself if it’s Google’s or Apple’s product. The ultra-modern lamp has a circular base, from where a post climbs up housing a cylindrical light, and being able to tilt the light at any positions, down, up, inclined or whatever. So, you can direct the light, where you wanted to, just the light, not the base.

Adding justice to its prefix ‘Smart’, the lamp equips Google-assistant, in fact has ‘Hey Google’ label on it and its FCC documents indicate internet connectivity and support to make it smart. It features a USB-C port and also gets over-the-air updates.

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As told, the lamp is not for everyone, while the Google employees could order it for free, but still Google constraints to make it available only for those who are based in the US.

Google Bluetooth Headphones

Back in 2017, Google were in reports of making Bluetooth headphones, same as exclusively for its employees alone, that’s the reason not available for purchase by people. Though not seeming to look like anything super special, Google’s headphones with model number “GID5B”, have a built-in microphone for answering calls, charge over Micro USB, and include a traditional audio cable for tethered listening.

The FCC website, whence the headphone got featured for certification, showed up what the headphone looked like and also its manual. As for the specifications, the Google headphone sports a 600mAh battery delivering 25 hours of music streaming over Bluetooth.

Later then, Google started rolling out Google Pixel Buds available for purchase by anyone.

What did your company roll out only for you and your colleagues? Mine, sucks!

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