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Your Smartphone is more powerful than the Perseverance Rover that touched Mars recently

If you think the Perseverance rover, that grasped a world-wide attention after landing on the hot planet, is powerful than your latest smartphone, rethink your thoughts!

Perseverance rover, which happens to be the NASA’s most powerful machine ever sent to other planet, costing $2.4billion to build, is far lower than the performance of your Smartphones, experts claim & prove.

The rover is fitted with robots, two computers with four chips in total, software smarts and 23 cameras fastened on its body to cater scientists, if any possibility of life, even for microbes befalls in the hottest planet.

Before comparing the rover with smartphones, let’s overlook the Mars’ migrant in brief.

Perseverance Rover

While Perseverance may be the most advanced Martian rover ever built & sent, it’s running on the same PowerPC750 processor that supported the 1998 iMac. The reason for exploiting an outdated chip rather going for the latest M1 chip of Apple is the fact that what works on earth might not necessarily work on the hottest planet.

Actually, it’s a modified version of PC750 called RAD750, as been hardened against radiation. RAD750 costs over $200,000 and NASA used it several times.

Inside the rover, a new inhabitant ‘Ingenuity helicopter’ makes home and is the first ever drone we are flying in another planet. Ingenuity equips Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, the same used in Samsung Galaxy F62 or OnePlus One or Google Pixel 5.

Ingenuity needs to be more powerful than the rover itself, since the core task is headed on to the 4-pound helicopter and its autonomous figuring ability of how to navigate itself in complex conditions in real time and meet out every chore all by itself without human involvement.

Comparison of Specifications

The point of saying ‘more powerful than’ mean its performance & computing efficiency, which is what defines a tech-product.

The rover’s brain ‘RAD750’ may only offer a 200MHz clock speed, and 2GB of flash memory, but it’s still a heck of a lot more powerful than rovers that arrived on Mars before Curiosity. It may be laughable compared to the power of your iPhone 12, but chances are your iPhone 12 wouldn’t last very long on the Martian surface.

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More specifically, it’s packing 256MB of RAM and 2GB of storage, with a 200MHz processor. For comparison’s sake, that’s substantially less computing power than the original Apple Watch, which packs 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage, with a 520MHz processor.

But deep down, space engineers tend to use extremely time-tested computing components for maximum reliability, as the components won’t have any repair stations in Mars.

The underlying of the article

At last, the computing power of your smartphone exceeds the most powerful migrant machine ever made is what the underlying context of this article. A dialogue uttered by Actor Arjun from Kollywood’s Irumbuthirai imitates the same.

The capability of your smartphones is overwhelming and so exploit it in the best way possible, especially mentally. Apart from scrolling TikTok & Instagram feed, organize your day, get productive with your phone and let you control your phone.

You can do a lot with your smartphone & internet connection!

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Perseverance Landing!


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