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Adidas’ Solar-Powered Headphones needs No Charging at all

Adidas has launched a new smart headphones that gets charged using solar with no need of external plug-in charging.

Technology equipped with Solar power had driven a ride around visiting realms like transportation (solar cars), highways (solar road & solar highways), space (solar energy in space), and a few more. Its latest innovations proved that how efficient it will be, if solar power is harnessed to the better.

Following solar cars, solar bags, solar purifier and lot more stuffs, solar-powered headphones had entered the market and with Adidas making out its own of the kind, world has given the time for that to appreciate.

Yeah, Adidas has launched its solar-powered wireless headphones in US. Called as RPT-02 SOL, the headphones are capable of charging using both natural and artificial light, via a headband that incorporates a solar cell fabric called Powerfoyle, that commits to convert light (sunlight & indoor) into electricity.

Adidas Solar-Powered headphones

Adidas Solar powered Headphones

Partnering with speaker-maker Zound Industries and Swedish solar technology manufacturer Exeger, Adidas launched this headphone, which slightly is better than usual solar-powered headphones by the fact that it can garner energy on cloudy days from invisible UV rays and artificial light, unlike other photovoltaic materials which depends only on direct sunlight.

RPT-02 SOL can play music for up to 80 hours on a full charge, Adidas says.

As the earpiece can charge on any form of light, it always charges a little bit non-stop if there is some kind of light, regardless of its switched-off or switched-on state.

The headstrap made of Powerfoyle comprises of a stack of 100-atom-thick photovoltaic sheets printed onto a plastic sheet and exposed to open light. The form of light received, whether strong or fair or poor, for effective charging is evident by the light indicator on the side of the headband.

Users could also track their charge and battery status in real-time via the Adidas Headphone app.

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Specifications of the Solar Headphone

Adidas Solar-powered Headphones

Though Adidas have no mentions about active noise cancellation, fancy audio codecs, the headphones do have IPX4 water resistance making it sweat and splash proof, a microphone and a USB-C port for backup charging.

The headphones are made with 51% plastic of which 87% is recycled plastic and recycled nylon. Via a five-way control knob on the headphone, it’s easy to answer or reject calls, control volume, skip tracks and more.

RPT-02 SOL pack 45mm dynamic drivers, including Bluetooth v5.2 for connectivity with a maximum operating distance of 10 meters. The inner headband and ear cushions of the headphones are claimed to be removable and washable, so that all your sweat stains could be washed easily.

Coming in Night grey and solar yellow color variants, Adidas solar-powered headphones cost $230 (₹18,000), available for shipping from August 23, 2022. Tap on the price, for buying the headphone. We do have a headphone buying guide, if you might be interested.

Do you think Solar-powered products could really beat the ordinary ones?

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