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Reliance’s JioGlass with AR & VR technology is coming two months – All you need to know

JioGlass by Reliance

Reliance showcases its new augmented-reality glasses “JioGlass” at Indian Mobile Congress 2023 Tech event, held in Delhi, India.

AR / VR glasses are booming day by day, just like what had happened with smartwatches before. Reasoning to its potential uses in wide range of realms including gaming, education and entertainment, companies are diving into its business, starting from Meta, Apple, Xiaomi to now Reliance Jio.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is gradually entering into the technology via its Jio, by launching affordable laptops, broadband devices, smartphones, and currently JioGlass.

JioGlass – Specs & Features

JioGlass is Reliance’s new smart-glass that equips augmented reality and virtual reality technology for immersive experience of what you do with your phone or laptop. Featuring a 1080p display on each of its side, JioGlass amplifies your smartphone-screen to a huge 100-inch virtual display. The virtual screen seem like it’s floating in front of your eyes and you can also do multi-tasking, that is adding multiple displays to the virtual space at one time.  

It connects to your smartphone via a 1.5-meter USB-C cable, which also serves as a charging-source for the device. This makes the AR Glass as wired, but the firm has plans to release a wireless version in future.

JioGlass allows your smartphone to be an intuitive, multifunctional controller for all your immersive experiences, both entertainment or work. You need to point your mobile towards the screen, scroll and select to do stuffs in the virtual space. The glass also comes with a trackpad, where you can do maneuvering and adjusting stuffs with it.

Immersion actually don’t qualify if there’s no audio. JioGlass hasn’t left this behind. The glasses have two speakers – one on either side of its frame, just above the ear-region for a better audio experience with built-in support for spatial audio. It also has a microphone for you to speak to calls.

Last but not the least, JioGlass is not just an AR Glass, thanks to its detachable flap, which allows it get immersed into the virtual-reality world completely. With the detachable flap on the glass, users will be able to experience VR content. 

What you can do with it?

JioGlass could be used wherever AR & VR has a significant role to play in, starting from entertainment like watching movies and playing games to work-related stuffs and educative purposes. The AR Glass provides a 3D full-HD theatrical experience with its 400 FOV. Weighingly only 69 grams, you can wear it for hours (not more than four) and stream movies and OTT content. Reliance claims that JioGlass will enable four hours of runtime, featuring a 4,000 mAh battery.

Users can also connect their gaming consoles and PCs with JioGlass to enhance the gaming experience by playing on a virtual big screen.

The glass indeed helps substantially in learning and education. It creates a new immersive learning experience through the firm’s educational apps on JioImmerse XR store, which is an app and 3D content library for the AR glass, just like Apple store.

Price & Other Details

Reliance hardly made any official announcements about the price and availability of this JioGlass. (We will update it here, once its announced). However, it’s been told that it will be reaching the market by this year, which means in the next two months. Reliance is working on two versions of the glass – one for consumers and another for enterprises. JioGlass will come with one year of warranty and 3 months on cable.

JioGlass is developed by Tesseract, a deep-tech startup that excels in AR and VR technologies, which Reliance acquired in 2019.

Though the hype of AR glasses has been existing since the launch of Meta’s Quest in 2019, its unaffordability and inaccessibility restricted its reach. However, with companies like Reliance Jio, Xiaomi entering the field, it’s hopeful that it will be reachable to more people in the near future.

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