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What is Meta AI? and How to use Meta AI in Instagram Chats?

Meta has unveiled its new AI technology, for deploying in its Instagram and other apps to serve both as an assistant and as chatbot to users.

Earlier this year, Meta announced its new artificial intelligence model, which Mark Zuckerberg called as “the future of human connection.” Called Meta AI, it’s built on firm’s own large language model – Llama-2. The model has couple of tasks to do across the Meta apps, but mainly dedicated for interaction with users, like a chatbot.

Meta AI is a new assistant you can interact with like a person, available on WhatsApp, messenger, and Instagram. The AI can search through the internet and provide you answers in the chat instantly. Meta’s search partnership with Bing underpins this real-time access to information while conversing with users.

Meta apps like Instagram and Facebook already integrates AI for its internal use for aligning the app’s algorithm as per individual user’s usage-pattern. But this Meta AI is different from the algorithm’s in that it acts directly on the front-end with users.

How to use Meta AI in Instagram chat?

Meta brings in AI inside the chat itself, similar to how midjourney, an ai-image-generation tool works. Users can use Meta AI in existing Instagram chats to get advice or ask questions. Here is what you need to do to converse with AI in the chat.

  • In an existing conversation, tap Message… at the bottom.
  • Enter “@” and then tap Meta AI.
  • Enter your question or request for Meta AI, then tap “send” icon next to your message.
  • Your question and Meta AI’s response will be sent as messages in the chat.

Note that the other person in the chat will also be able to see your message as well as Meta AI’s message. Also, chats with AIs – those messages mentioning the Meta AI assistant and their responses – are not end-to-end encrypted, means you have to be careful to not reveal any of your personal information.

This feature is not rolled out to everyone and is available only in the beta version currently.

How to start a chat with AI in Instagram?

Instagram introduced 30 AI personas, where users can choose between these 30 different AI personalities and chat with the one they like the most. Say for example, an AI personality for fashion advice, craft expert, anime watcher and so on.

  • To start a chat with Instagram AI,
  • Tap “Messages” icon in the top right of feed.
  • Tap edit icon in the top right.
  • Tap “Create an AI chat”.
  • Select an AI.
  • Enter a message or tap a message prompt.
  • Tap Send.

This feature is available only in the beta version currently. Since Meta will be using your messages to AI for training AI and chats aren’t end-to-encrypted, it’s recommended to not share any personal information in it.

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