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10 Tech-Features of Rolls Royce Cars that You didn’t Know

One of the World’s most luxurious brand vehicle “Rolls Royce”, is a favorite to many, reasoning to its immense potentials and the stunning and incredible look of the vehicle. The British origin company founded in 1906 widely accounts for its luxury, sophisticated interiors and tech-features, which most of us might not know.

Quality always overtakes quantity. This happens as a key feature for Rolls Royce, for not compromising quality and price unlike other market car manufacturers. That’s why Rolls Royce peak of sales is 5152/year in 2019 and that of Toyota sums 10.74 Million annually in the same 2019. The car’s inside and outside features awes the automotive industry, and it was the first to introduce certain auto-related feature like satellite assisted transmission and so on. Get to know fully.

Technology behind Rolls Royce

WiFi Hotspot in the Car

Rolls Royce provides its own internet inside the car, for you to browse while commuting too. You can browse google, read your emails, play music and watch videos easily and reliably with the Wi-Fi Hotspot affixed at the front armrest of Royce, enabling several WLAN devices to be connected. No matter, if RR is parked or in sprint, Royce ensures the most stable connection even ahead of that of smartphones’, automatically switching between networks.

The WiFi hotspot feature of the car, however, is restricted to only certain places. One has to check with the dealer if the location equips this facility.

RR High-End Rear Seat Headphones

RR has its own headphones too. Rolls Royce rolls out superior enhanced sound quality and comforting headphones, that’s connected via a cable to the rear seat.

Rolls-Royce Headphones

These premium headphones are manufactured from aluminum and Saffiano brown leather for asserting a light-weight feel. The audio engineers of Rolls Royce Motor cars collaborated with one of the most respected audio system providers in the world for adding value to the quality. To enhance your listening experience, these limited-edition headphones feature 40mm drivers delivering powerful sound, 2Hz – 30kHz frequency response, and 22 ohms impedance to conduct power efficiently. The headphones are supplied with variety of cables and sure, you can connect with your smartphones too.

The phones allow you to adjust the volumes and channel directly on it. In limited run of only 200, with a premium monogrammed storage case, the headphones costs a whopping $1210 (₹1Lakh approx.).

Proximity Keyless Entry

As shown in movies, Royce can be handled without even getting into the vehicle by its ‘Remote Proximity Keyless Entry’ which allows you to open the vehicle and start it without touching the electronic key fob.

A proximity key is a little fob that permits a keyless entrance and ignition mechanism in your car. When you’re within the appropriate frequency range, the fob interacts through radio waves with your automobile to lock and open doors and even to start the car engine.

Smartphones integration and Charging

The Luxury car features hands-free Bluetooth interface, for your smartphones to use your voice and data functions of your mobile reliably. Smartphones can also be adhered with the car via snap-in adapters, which simultaneously charges it. Boosting reception, RR affirms that it’s quite comfortable to switch over to calls while driving.

However, RR supports only certain software of the smartphones. RR holders could contact dealers to ensure the software details of connecting the smartphones with the car.

Starlight Headliner

Inside of a Rolls Royce car – Starlight headliner

The roof of a Rolls Royce is highly customizable to turn it into the illusion of a star-filled night sky. This special headlining material creates a magical ambience using hundreds of fibre-optic lights. The controls in the front passenger compartment allow you to adjust the brightness of the ‘stars’ to fashion just the right atmosphere.

First, the leather is perforated with 800 to 1,600 holes, each carefully counted. Fibre optic lights are set into these holes. The craftsperson then ensures that the height of the fibres is correct on the concealed side, and that they’re set perfectly on the visible leather surface, ready to shine.

Rolls Royce Teleservices

Rolls Royce Teleservices is an advanced system that allows the car to transmit important service data (like level of oil in the crankshaft, any leakages) of the vehicle to the authorized dealer with experimental accuracy. If RR is out of oil, battery charge, and even brake quality, the dealer on intimation by the car, will contact the owner to do the necessary repairing at convenient times.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Rolls Royce’s HUD

HUD is a transparent display that is mounted on to the dashboard of the car and displays crucial information and data without diverting the driver from their usual viewing position. This new-age car tech gets its name from the position it allows the driver to be in. By this, we mean that the driver can be in straight heads up position and have access to all the vital information that they need to see while driving the car. Be it the car’s speed or the navigation, you can have it all on the HUD. Initially, they were designed to be useful for military aviation but have gradually shifted to cars and other automotive now. Dawn, Ghost, Phantom and Cullinan models of Rolls Royce do include HUD in its vehicle.

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Rolls Royce Assistance

Rolls Royce equips an unrivaled assistance in emergency means by connecting the car with emergency services call center. In case of accidents, the luxury-car will contact the emergency needs automatically, specifying your location accurately. It’s done in two ways.

One is, in the event of activation of airbags or crash sensors, it will be intimated to the emergency service, at the close of which the nearest emergency service call center will make a call to the driver / passenger and dispatch the emergency needs if no response is received.

The second is manually calling on the service call – center, if you feel of any emergency situation by just pushing off the SOS button. It works similar to that of iPhone 14 series’ and iOS16’s Crash detection feature.

Emergency SOS of Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Assist is designed to offer you reassurance, so that nothing detracts from your pleasure while driving your motor car.

Satellite Aided Transmission of Gears

The Rolls Royce Wraith coupe launched in 2013 is the first time that the car’s eight-speed automatic transmission is linked to a GPS receiver.

The Wraith model uses global positioning satellite data to determine the road and conditions in real time. This data is then used to anticipate how and when to shift gears, in what is called Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT). It then automatically chooses the right gear on the 8-speed transmission delivering power smoothly without any unnecessary gear changes.

For example, if the SAT determines it is on a twisty road and a turn is approaching, it knows to hold the gear it is in, rather than upshift as it might if it were going straight.

Additionally, the Wraith’s navigation system also gathers and compiles anonymous real-time traffic data from cellphones in commercial vehicles and taxis. It then uses this data to update the travel route every three minutes. It had done it in 2013 itself.


Rolls-Royce besides enlightening the driving experience, sophisticates and keeps the passenger chill, as if you are home. Luxury and convenience defined at its best, so confirms its worth too. Here are bonus information for you:

○ The Rolls-Royce Symbol at the center of the wheels will never spin. That’s because each official Rolls-Royce rim features a special gyroscopic mechanism that stops the center cap from rotating, thus ensuring the iconic RR monogram remains upright no matter what.

○ Rolls Royce equips Land Keep Assist system, wherein it intimates the driver, if the car moves out of its lane.

Thanks for reading! (For more such interesting technology and innovative detailing, keep reading The Inner Detail).


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