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This Invisibility Cloak Makes You Invisible to Cameras – China Develops

Another Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak had been created by Chinese Students that hides humans from security cameras. Science & Technology had made possible to narrow the gap between science fiction and reality. One notable feat is this “invisibility cloak” which looks like a sheet of clothing and is capable of hiding humans from AI monitored security cameras at any time, both day and night.

Graduate Students from China’s Wuhan University have developed the invisibility coat – “InvisDefense Coat” which is though visible to the human eyes as peculiar patterns, blinds the cameras during the day and releases heat signals at night to get unnoticed.

Henceforth, this invisibility coat is only invisible to cameras and not to humans.

How this Invisibility Coat Works?

China’s Invisibility Cloak

Surveillance cameras detect human bodies via an algorithm of contour recognition or motion recognition in the day-time. InvisDefense is designed to cover a specially made camouflage pattern which interferes with the machine’s vision recognition and blinds the camera effectively, thwarting the AI cameras’ job.

At night, cameras use infrared thermal imaging to track humans for which, the coat emits unusual pattern of temperatures to confuse the camera. The coat’s surface has temperature-controlling modules that are irregularly shaped to not seem like a human-body.

“We used algorithms to design the least conspicuous patterns that can disable computer vision,” Professor Wang Zheng said.

The cloak is actually not fashioned in the shape of a cloak but is a camouflage T-shirt designed to beat the sophisticated technology of facial recognition devices installed in China.

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In a creative contest sponsored by Huawei Technologies Co, the product won the first prize. “The cost of a complete set of InvisDefense is less than 500 yuan (US$70),” Wang said.

This Invisibility Cloak is not the First time

Hyperstealth Biotechnologies, a Canadian company specializing in camouflage equipment (a disguising suit/object) has created a thin sheet of material called “Quantum Stealth”, which is capable of bending light to create the kind of ‘invisibility effect’.

This quantum stealth unlike the Chinese made InvisDefense Coat, is completely invisible not just to cameras but also to even human-eyes. However, being a material sheet rather than being a clothing is a shortcoming for this quantum-stealth to be widely usable.

Invisibility clothing could really be a commercial thing in future, letting people to be cinematic in real life too!

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