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IIT-Madras Startup develops Smart Ring with Digital Payments & more

Smart RIng - Ring One

India’s IIT-Madras’ incubated startup creates a Smart Ring called “Ring One” that comes with NFC-based digital payments, and health-tracking features.

The next boom in wearables is expected in the smart rings. With smart-rings expected to reach $747 Million worth market by 2030, leading tech firms including Samsung have started working on the same. Reasoning to its more simplified and seamless functioning, smart rings have enough potential to be the next dominant wearable, after smartwatches.

In the go, a Bengaluru-based startup ‘Muse Wearables’, born out of IIT Madras Incubation cell, introduces its “Ring One” smart-ring with advanced health & contactless payment features.

Ring One smart-ring

IIT Madras Smart RIng

Muse Wearables founded by K.L.N Sai Prasanth and Yathindra Ajay KA, both graduates of IIT Madras, and Prathyusha K, an NIT Warangal graduate, has announced this smart ring on 31st August, 2023. Ring One focusses on health and digital payments and is ten times lighter than a smartwatch.

The smart ring is capable of measuring six health features – heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate variability and blood pressure. Ring One becomes the first ring to offer cuff-less BP measurement in a ring. The ring’s health-related features were trained with 5 million data points from over 4,000 people, claims the startup.

The next big thing about the ring is NFC digital payments, which allows for a seamless and easy payment system, where users can pay in just 4 seconds. It’s not the first time, a smart-ring has explored NFC-enabled digital payments. A Kerala-based startup “Acemoney” had already made a similar smart-ring, which solely provides NFC-payment feature.

Muse wearables partnered with some of the biggest payment networks, including Mastercard, VISA and Rupay for enabling the NFC payments in its ring. The payments will be live in India, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore and UAE.

Design & Specifications

Ring One is made of grade-2 titanium and ceramic (zirconia), which makes it lightweight yet strong. The smart ring has a ‘turn wheel’ interface, which could be twisted for switching various modes. A simple turn to the left can start a workout, while a turn to the right allows to do payments securely.

Like a normal ring, you could wear it all time; thanks to its seven-days-long battery life. Ring one also comes with a charging-case, which offers battery-life for a month. Indeed, Ring One is water-resistant up to 100m, so you need not have to remove the ring while bathing or swimming. It comes in silver and black, all black, gold and rose gold variants. Muse wearables is also planning to launch 18K gold versions of the ring as limited-edition pieces.

The startup has not yet announced the price of the smart-ring, but opened its counter for pre-reservations. Muse wearables aims to launch the product globally on September 27, and on October 25 in India.

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