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Meta is integrating WhatsApp with VR Quest Headset – So You can chat, video call in VR

WhatsApp integration with Quest VR headset

Meta is bringing virtual-reality technology to WhatsApp app that will let users to chat, call with VR headset – the new trend of being social, Meta believes.

The metaverse-ambitious firm eyes to integrate its virtual reality headsets with its social-media app, eventually widening its VR-headset audiences, leading to boost in sales. Further, Apple entering VR/AR business with its mixed-reality headset “Vision Pro” provides insight for the potential market of VR headsets in future.

Coming to WhatsApp, a recently unveiled beta version on Google Play Store, shows the app offering an option to link WhatsApp account with Meta’s VR headsets.

WhatsApp with ‘Quest’ VR Headset

WhatsApp is actively working on a feature that will enable users to connect their current WhatsApp accounts to Meta Quest VR devices, according to reports by wabetainfo. Likely as you connect your WhatsApp with your PC / laptop via the “Link a device” feature in WhatsApp, you’ll soon be able to link Meta Quest headset too.

WhatsApp in Virtual Reality - Quest Headset

However, it’s uncertain on the functionality and features of the integration, such as information on compatibility, features available on Meta Quest, and more. The feature is still in developmental phase and the ability to link WhatsApp account to Meta Quest will be released to beta testers in a future update of the app.

On successful deployment, you might be able to chat and video call in Virtual Reality, similar to that teased by Apple Vision Pro headset. For video-calling the other person on the call will be seeing your avatar, imitating all your face reactions and Meta’s ‘Codec-Avatar’ might underpin creating lifelike avatars.

Vision Pro vs Meta Quest

Apple’s Vision Pro embarked the future of technology and how mixed-reality and VR/AR headsets could take charge of it considerably in future. Zuckerberg criticized Vision Pro after its launch, saying “I’d say the good news is that there’s no kind of magical solutions that they have to any of the constraints on laws of physics that our teams haven’t already explored and thought of”.

Taking the price of Vision Pro, Mark Zuckerberg comments that it’s seven times costlier than its Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which is available only for $499.

Nevertheless, it seems Meta is quickening to integrate VR with its apps after the launch of Vision Pro. Additionally, Meta has also seen testing Instagram reels in virtual reality, thereby anticipating metaverse or ‘virtual-reality’ as the new-gen social-media.

“More importantly, our vision for the metaverse and presence is fundamentally social,” Zuck says.

Instagram Reels with Quest VR headset

Would you be using social media apps in virtual reality headsets?

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