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This ‘Metaverse’ School in England teaches Students using VR tech

Learning Education in Metaverse

A school in England’s Wokingham is teaching students in Metaverse using the VR headsets, making learning more interactive and immersive.

Will you join a ‘metaverse’ school, where the tutor is lessoning in the virtual world with his/her avatar? As technology gets inevitable in enhancing the progress and effectiveness of jobs or tasks, companies & organizations seek to leverage it for bringing prolificacy in their existence. And this group of schools in England integrates virtual-reality technology and metaverse in its schools for providing a more immersive learning experience to students, ultimately to learn better.

Inspired Online Schools are the first in the world to tutor students using VR technology in so-called ‘metaverse’ schools.

‘Metaverse’ School in UK

Inspired Online Schools are part of Inspired Education group, the leading global group of premium schools, operating in 23 countries with 65,000 students in over 80 schools. Reddam House Berkshire school in Wokingham, England, which is a part of Inspired Schools, is the foremost one to render a virtual world for the students, building an exact replica of the school in metaverse.

Reddam has created its entire school campus in metaverse, where teachers and students present in the school together enter the virtual world with VR headsets. The students experience a new kind of learning experience, which is quite not possible with a conventional way of teaching.

Having a close encounter with our solar system, walking through the chambers of heart, taking tours instantly, virtual reality and metaverse lets the students to dive deeper into the subjects, for a better understanding of them.

Reddam school teach every subject for students in metaverse, including history, geography, science, art and space topics.

“It’s really cool how I got to put the heart in a different place because if you’re in a normal classroom, you can’t do that,” says a student, pointing out that metaverse-powered learning helps to do things that we can’t able to do in real world. And the study also included science experiments that are dangerous to conduct in real world.

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How it helps students to understand better?

In the video by Reuters, Reddam school is seen teaching students in the metaverse, where students see big-versions of planets such as Saturn, earth, mars floating around them, letting the students to have a visual 3D interpretation of the topics.

In science, “they don’t just read about hearts, they enter them,” allowing the students to see the blood flowing through the hearts in the virtual reality. Pupils are also seen watching big mammoths in their school, letting for a mere and close insights of the subject.

Students can also have an instantaneous field trip for geography lessons and can virtually go back in time to understand World War II from the ground for history lessons.

“There’s a deeper understanding because they can manipulate an object, they can see it from all sides, they can see how it works, they can see the function, so they really get a deeper, better understanding,” explains Ioana Dragomir, a teacher at Reddam House Berkshire school.

The metaverse technology will also allow students of Inspired Education Group around the globe to learn the subjects virtually in the online-mode.

I am asking the same question again. Will you join this ‘metaverse school’ ?

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