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How this Israeli’s technology device allows users to see through walls?

Technology has been paving ways to make the impossible possible, enhancing domains and versatility around the globe. In the latest feat, Israel had created a new device that allows users to see through walls, providing enough details of what’s happening behind the wall with the help of sci & tech.

Called as ‘Xaver 1000’, is part of the ‘see through walls’ family of products, which provides real-time information about what’s happening behind the wall. Designed by the Israeli Imaging solutions company ‘Camero-tech’, the device was first unveiled at the Eurosatury 2022 exhibition in Paris, France, reports JPost.

Peek-through-wall device, specially designed for use by military, law enforcement, intelligence units and search and rescue teams, can detect the presence of life behind the wall, number of people, their physical activity (orientation / position), distance from the wall, and the general layout of space. Albeit similar to what thermal imaging system does, the field is not applied here, but a simple science concept – ultra-wideband radar.

Technology behind this Device

Camero-tech Device

Xaver-1000, according to the company, can penetrate any material from thin cardboard to cement and concrete within a radius of 137 feet. Capable to detect living objects and differentiating them as an adult, child or an animal, the device indeed can show if a person is standing or sitting.

Proffering an easy-going UI, the device requires little to no training to handle it. Its 25.7-cm (10.1 inch) display is held against the wall to see through and a foldable antenna surrounding it.

The tech implicates AI systems to track patterns of the wall-behind and sketch out a layout of the room, including the items present on the other-side.

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Though radar’s low resolution restricts it to pass through heavy materials like walls, Camero-tech modified for a pulse-based increased resolution radar. A single user may operate the device, which then sends the data to HQ via WiFi.

The device weights 16 kgs (36 pounds) and is supported by a foldable antenna, meaning it may be used in any environment.

As said for use by military, intelligence & search and rescue teams mostly, what if the device commercializes letting people to discord privacy?

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